Piers Morgan Dead? Holly Willoughby Truly Believed TV Host Died

Piers Morgan is dead, at least that is what his colleague thought. Apparently, the vocal host is the most recent victim of a death hoax. 

This was no ordinary hoax, though. It was not just a news report that looked real, circulating the net to get the attention of people who do not know better. 

Instead, someone actually asked Piers Morgan's colleague, Holly Willoughby, to film an obituary about him. Naturally, Holly was alarmed and did not think this could possibly be a hoax.

As such, the "This Morning" host felt compelled to find out immediately if Morgan is truly dead by messaging the host himself. Thankfully, Morgan replied to her himself so Holly's fears vanished. 

The duo is now able to joke about the situation, although in reality, nothing is that funny about death hoaxes. They are cruel and annoying at the same time.

Piers knew that, so after laughing it off with his colleague, he went to his online column to slam those who were behind the hoax.  

"Fortunately, my friends' concern for my health marginally outweighed their natural craving to be on camera, or at least it did for the ones I know about," Morgan said

When Holly found out that the death news was fake, she jokingly told Morgan what she would still continue with the obituary.

"I'd have said you were a wonderfully beloved part of the ITV daytime family who will be sorely missed 'and that I'm available to take over presenting Life Stories," Holly told Piers on what she would say in the obituary

Morgan also went to his social media to rant about the disrespectful news. Allowing his 8 million followers to feel his annoyance, he wrote: "To the pranksters currently contacting all my famous friends asking them to tape a contribution to my obituary for ITN... maybe stop being annoying little d***heads?"

The hoax is unfunny and is certainly a sign that some people truly hate Morgan's guts. The veteran broadcaster is always so vocal about political issues and celebrities he found worth criticizing, so having a number of haters is not that surprising. 

Piers Morgan, the Critic

Most recently, Morgan slammed U.K. PM Boris Johnson, called Meghan Markle and Prince Harry clowns, and criticized BBC -- all these in less than two days, actually.

He recently defended JK Rowling, who can also be described  as having been the victim of a death hoax. #RIPJKROWLING trended a while back after the author announced her latest book featuring a killer who is a man always disguising as a woman. 

Rowling was bashed and even pronounced dead by some people on social media, and Morgan stepped in to call out the individuals who are canceling the book and bashing the author without first having read her word. Morgan said he and Rowling are not even in good terms, but he can see the injustice in the situation. 

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