Disney Horror: 5 Scariest Movies You Can Watch on Disney Plus Today

Nightmare before Christmas

Since Halloween is around the corner and we still cannot go out trick-or-treating, what is the best way to make the holiday special? Stream some child-friendly horror movies!

Whip up some fun, non-alcoholic mocktail with your kids, bake some pumpkin pie and stream these scaries. Halloween this year might be a tad different, but you do not have to let COVID-19 rob your children of a fun holiday. 

When it comes to children-friendly shows, Disney Plus is the place to go. Here are five Disney Plus horror movies guaranteed to make some of your children hide their faces under the covers while not traumatizing them for life. These are scary movies that actually have moral lessons in them -- as opposed to the mindless gory stuff we adults watch that leave us scared for nothing.



If you are fond of watching zombie shows but cannot introduce your children to "Z-Nation," "Daybreak" or even "Train to Busan" to your young ones just yet, "Zombies" is among the Disney Plus horror movies that is your best bet.

Like most Disney movies, this one features the age-old theme of outcasts versus the cool kids, with the outcasts naturally winning -- because they are always cooler anyway!

This is more funny than scary, but it certainly fits the bill of what is going to be fun and enjoyable for your kids. The costumes are pretty neat. 

Hocus Pocus


If zombies are not up to their alley, you can introduce them to witches instead. "Hocus Pocus" is a 1993 movie, but it's certainly a goody! The story revolves around 300-year-old witches and their magic potions and tricks, so this is certainly a Halloween classic you want your children to know of. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas


If you hate the fact that the first two feels more like comedy rather than horror, then you'll probably be disappointed with this third one too!

No, of course not. 

Please just heed our advice and watch this -- you won't regret it. 

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" revolves around Pumpkin King Jack Skellington. Bored of himself and feeling as if Halloween has become a big routine each year, he sets his sights on ruining Christmas instead. Sounds horrible, right?  Try it and you won't regret showing your kids this movie from the amazing Tim Burton, for sure.



This fourth one is actually sadder than scary. But if you are looking for a time to teach your kids about death or dying pets, then this is your movie.

This revolves around the death of a beloved little boy's pet, Sparky. After he dies, the boy cannot cope and when he learned from his science teacher that muscles can still respond to electricity even after death, he tried to revive his best friend -- thus making him a Frankenstein (or okay, Frankenweenie.). There's bound to be tears on this one so prepare.

Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire


If you are still waiting for a legit horror up until now, then we got you this movie: "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire." If you want to scare your kids about the idea of dating, then this is probably the best movie to watch.

In this movie, Adam and Chelsea tried to distract their mom off their shenanigans by setting her up on a date. Unfortunately, they realized too late that the man they set up their mom to date is a vampire. Now, they have to do everything to save her, or else.

Disney Plus horror movies not working for you? Try Netflix instead.

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