Horrible Bosses? Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian Sued for Harassment, Discrimination

Are Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner the next people to be exposed for being horrible bosses?

The matriarch and her oldest daughter, Kourtney Kardashian, have been served with a harassment lawsuit by one of their former bodyguards. 

Only the two of them were named, and the other sisters were not mentioned in the lawsuit. 

The lawsuit was filed by Marc McWilliams, who had been hired to work with the family in 2017. 

The Blast first reported that he filed a suit against Kris and Kourtney for a "pattern of unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances and otherwise, harassing misconduct."

The suit also touched on allegations of a hostile work environment and racial and gender discrimination. 

At the time of the outlet's publishing of the article, the man chose not to identify him, but it reported that he is an African-American. 

When news broke, it was only when many found out his name. 

McWilliams worked with the family and was hired through a private security company. 

During his tenure, he worked as security detail for the momager and the Poosh creator. 

McWilliams, along with his original security company, served the Kardashian-Jenner throughout this work with the family. 

He claims that he was subjected to inappropriate comments and contact from Kris. 

Documents obtained by The Blast specifically lists the accusations thrown at the mother-daughter duo.

"Comments directed at Plaintiff of an overt sexual nature comments directed at Plaintiff's physical appearance comments inquiring as to Plaintiff's sexual activities, comments suggesting that Plaintiff engage in a romantic and sexual relationship, and comments concerning the physical appearance and sexual activities of other employees."

The document also particularly mentioned that Kris, at one point, rested his thighs and groin, as she rubbed her pelvis against the bodyguard's back, while touching his private parts with her hands. 

Kris was also said to have exposed some parts of her to the bodyguard in a lewd manner. 

McWilliams told the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch to stop, and later brought the issue to his security company's human resources, but nothing came out of it. 

Since his report, he faced retaliation and claims he was the victim of fabricated complaints and was given a suspension from working with Kris. 

However, he continued to work with Kourtney. 

While with her, he claims to have been subjected to "pervasive and cruel mockery, harassment, belittling, and otherwise humiliating mistreatment by defendants due to (his) race," and that he was terminated wrongfully because of discrimination by Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. 

In September 2018, he was fired from the family. 

Kris and Kourtney shut down the "false claims."

Their lawyer said in a statement to The Daily Mail, "Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian vehemently deny the completely false claims made by former security guard Marc McWilliams." 

They claimed that these allegations are all "fabricated" and are "contrary to easily confirmed facts."

According to their lawyer, McWilliams was fired because he was often caught sleeping in his car while on the job. 

When Kris and Kourtney win this said lawsuit, their lawyer said they would be suing McWilliams and his attorneys for "malicious prosecution." 

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