Netflix recently welcomed one of the most highly anticipated movies of fall with the mystery film "Enola Holmes."

Launched on September 23, the book adaptation set social media on fire with the hype and recognition from the public -- allowing it to land the No.1 spot on the streaming giant's chart. 

From the book series written by Nancy Springer, the film featured the story and misfortunes of Enola, played by Millie Bobby Brown, who is the youngest sister of Mycroft (portrayed by Sam Clafin) and the already-famous Sherlock Holmes (played by Henry Cavill).

The trio, alongside award-winner Helena Bonham Carter who played the role of Enola's mother Eudoria, gave justice to the character with their commanding performance. 

Aside from the powerhouse cast, the movie also shed light on the famous detective's personal life as a brother and a son. 

With that said, we take a look at the the intriguing "Enola Holmes" easter eggs that you might have missed. 

Sherlock Holmes as a Young Detective

Set in 1884, the film covered Enola's quest to find her mother after she mysteriously disappeared. 

In the movie, the 16-year-old Holmes has collected newspaper clippings about her brother and his achievements, dubbing him as "mysterious young detective."

This implies that Sherlock was in the early stages of his career and hadn't met Dr. John Watson, a British physician who later became his devoted friend and associate. 

The "Pugilist's" Sherlock Holmes

Upon meeting her brothers at the train station, the young Enola went to describe the Sherlock as "The famous detective, scholar, chemist, virtuoso violinist, expert marksman, swordsman, singlestick fighter, pugilist, and brilliant deductive thinker." 

The characteristics mentioned were all accurate based on the description of Sherlock Holmes series creator, Arthur Conan Doyle. 

Furthermore, when Enola mentioned the word "pugilist," an illustration of Henry Cavill punching an individual at the pub was shown. It depicts the scene of Sidney Paget's illustration "The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist," which is also one of the short stories written by Doyle relating to the series Sherlock Holmes. 

Mycroft Holmes and His Odd Job

Another "Enola Holmes" easter egg revolved around the mysterious and eldest Holmes, Mycroft. 

With Eudora gone, both Sherlock and Mycroft were figuring out Enola's future. 

During the train scene with the trio, the young detective said that Mycroft -- who works as a government official and a founding member of the Diogenes Club -- "doesn't need the money" before wondering if the government has cut his salary. 

Although his character only appeared in three series, including "The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans," "The Greek Interpreter," and "The Final Problem," Sherlock onced describe his brother as an employee who has a modest salary of "four hundred and fifty pounds a year...remains a subordinate, has no ambitions of any kind...but remains the most indispensable man in the country." 

Some avid fans were convinced that the eldest Holmes works for a secret service group and that his responsibilities and even his salary were much more significant than they seemed.

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