Chris Watts was found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife Shanann, their unborn infant, and their two daughters Celeste and Bella. Watts argued that after seeing her murdering the children, he exploded and strangled his child. Still, a jury did not believe him and acquitted him of killing his whole family.

Whose cause of death was Shanann's? That's used in her essay on the autopsy. They strangled Shanann and smothered the twins.

The star of a recent Netflix series named "American Murder: The Family Next Door" is Chris Watts. The two girls were hidden in oil barrels. Shanann was discovered at an oil field near the drums in a shallow grave.

Whose reason was it? Watts had an affair with a woman called Nichol Kessinger, and the texts by Shanann reveal that he had been cold to her. Netflix shows images of the worsening partnership between Chris and Shanann. They started to believe that her husband had an affair. Shanannnn also thought that he was unexpectedly walking away from her, a reality she shared in frantic text messages to various friends.

This is what the autopsy reveals regarding the cause of death of Shanann:

Wrapped in a Sheet & Buried in a Shallow Grave

The autopsy report indicated that Shanann had a "history of missing and eventually discovering unresponsive in an apparent state of death in a shallow grave." 

A mostly decomposed fetus has been removed from the uterus. Shanann is wrapped in a towel. There were just girls in their pajamas; they weren't covered in sheets. Chris Watts indicated that the sheet near Shanann's grave was left with covers and stuffed toys. With a hammer, he dug the tomb. She was wearing a t-shirt that was black or red, with blue panties. He claimed it took minutes, according to the police accounts.

 A Friend Ringed the Alarm First

The first to raise the alarm was Nickole Atkinson; she informed police that she had dropped Shannan off and Shannon was 15 weeks pregnant and not feeling good. Shannan did not return phone or text calls and skipped her doctor's appointment. They crossed over to her house and found her vehicle in the parking. Christopher Watts called Nickole and begged him to come home to check on Shanann. The police arrived, but they did not see any trace of Celeste Watts or Bella Marie Watts.

Chris Claimed Shanann Killed the Girls But a Jury Didn't Buy It

According to police reports, Chris had a conversation with his father. Chris claimed Shanann smothered and strangled the kids. 

Prosecutors maintained, though, that Watts murdered his pregnant wife and the two children, and they were sided with by a jury. Watts earned three life-prison sentences without the chance of release, according to the Denver Channel.

Michael Rourke, 19th Judicial District Attorney, said the Watts "totally and purposely ended four lives," smothering the children. Bella struck back, according to the lawyer, recorded by the Denver Channel.

What did the fans say?

Many may have considered the disaster troubling even as the inquiry was underway, when press outlets begin to unfurl the full picture. Sadly, the Netflix series helped reopen it for many people. Many have described seeing the series as traumatic as when it occurred.

"If you haven't watched the Chris Watts documentary on Netflix you need to. I am sick to my stomach," a viewer tweeted. "I've already watched a docuseries on the Shannan Watts triple murder, but this Netflix version, showing all her Facebook videos is uncomfortably intimate," another wrote.

It was also confirmed that an officer who was part of the team trying to rescue the children's bodies endured injuries from retrieving the bodies of Bella and Cece from oil tankers after being drowned for days.

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