Pop singer Mariah Carey confessed that while she got engaged to James Packer, the man did not matter to her at all. In the process, she also revealed a very personal detail about her sex life with him.

Mariah Carey Erases Ex-Fiance James Packer Out of Her Life

Carey recently released her tell-all book titled "The Meaning of Mariah Carey." One noticeably missing detail in the said book is James Packer, a man she was briefly engaged with back in 2016. 

One would assume that if she had gotten engaged with  him, he must have at least warranted a mention in this very revealing book.

But no, essentially, Carey is saying, "James Packer, who?"

However, Carey somehow explained why without even saying the guy's name aloud. 

Speaking to The Guardian, which naturally asked why Packer is not in the book, the iconic songstress said that if a relationship mattered to her, then it would be in the book. 

Otherwise, she said "it did not occur." 

Mariah Carey and James Packer Did Not Have Sex? 

With that said, since her relationship with Packer did not make it to the book, then it's as if she is saying it did not happen. 

The Guardian insisted that what Carey said is not possible since she was engaged to Packer. "We didn't have a physical relationship, to be honest with you," Carey admitted. 

Essentially, they did not have sex, and that raises so many questions -- such as how and why. Carey, of course, did not elaborate and nobody bothered asking anymore. 

But while Carey has essentially declared that the Packer phase in her life did not exist, the Internet simply does not forget. 

Mariah Carey and James Packer Relationship Timeline

It can be remembered that Carey and Packer embarked on a whirlwind romance in 2015. They ultimately got engaged in January 2016. The proposal was not forgettable, either.

Packer popped the question in New York with a $10 million worth 35-carat Wilfredo Rosado-designed ring

However, soon after that, rumors surfaced that their relationship was rockier than people think. They were fighting all the time. When they vacationed in Mykonos, Greece, a source revealed that they had a massive fight and then broke ties with each other. 

The source even denied rumors that the fight ensued because of cheating allegations, as well as Mariah's excessive spending and shopping sprees. By October, the engagement was called off.

Mariah Carey also did not waste time because she was in the arms of U.S. choreographer Bryan Tanaka immediately after. 

Packer was once asked about the failed relationship, and unlike Carey now, he did not deny the relationship's existence or value. He just said it was a mistake on both sides. 

He admitted to being at a low point in his life when he entered into a relationship with Mariah. He viewed her as a woman of substance and an exciting lady. But it eventually became clear that it was not working out.

What probably demonstrated how bad the relationship turned out to be is the bitter multimillion-dollar settlement they reached in November 2017. Carey filed a lawsuit against Packer and asked for an "inconvenience fee." She won the case, and Packer had to cough up a massive figure -- between $6 to $13 million.

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