Katie Holmes' Daughter Suri Headed to Tom Cruise, Cannot Stand Mom's BF?

Katie Holmes

The only daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Suri, is reportedly tired of her mom's public displays of affection to her new boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr.

Like any other 14-year-old, Suri is said to be horrified and "completely in shock," seeing Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr.'s kissing pictures everywhere.

There's no doubt that the 41-year-old actress is in love with her 33-year-old Italian chef boyfriend, and wants to know the world about it.

But friends of the actress are worried that it may affect Suri.

"Suri's red-faced about her mom carrying on like a teenager in public."

"It's never really happened before, so this is a first for her, and like any kid her age, she's not coping," the source told Woman's Day Australia.

She's joining a few numbers of her mom's friends who are worried about Katie Holmes' taste in men, as the chef just recently dumped his fiancée for his A-list fling.

An unnamed friend told the outlet, "It's so embarrassing for this to be so public. Suri doesn't think she should be taking this guy seriously."

They added how Vitolo "flirts with everyone who comes into his restaurant," and the teenager doesn't like how he was about to marry someone until this a celebrity walked into his life.

Suri is said to be worried that her mom will end up broken-hearted again as she was there helping Katie recover when things ended with Jamie Foxx.

"She thinks some starstruck waiter is a good choice? Everyone thinks Katie's making a very public and very public mistake with Emilio," the source added.


In another Woman's Day article, another source claimed that the 14-year-old is headed to her father's home in Florida as she can't "stomach the sight of them kissing on every corner."

The teenager reportedly "has a fascination with her father," and for someone smart as her, "she could find her way down there."

After careful investigation, Gossip Cop exposed both Woman's Day articles and revealed that it's not true.

Katie and Suri were just spotted a few weeks ago in New York City and their relationship seemed to be just fine.

It is also not known what Suri Cruise thinks of her mom's past and current relationships as she doesn't talk to anybody in the media.

She also doesn't have a social media account like most celebrities or celebrity-kids these days.

However, one person who disapproved of their relationship is Emilio Vitolo's mom, Lourdes.

It was previously reported that Katie Holmes' relationship with the chef made his mom "furious" when it first started.

Page Six reported that Lourdes wasn't happy with how the entire thing went down, especially after he broke his engagement to designer Rachel Emmons.

They had been engaged for 18 months when news of his relationship with the "President's Daughter" actress started.

"Lourdes thinks she brought him up better than that. She didn't like how Emilio handled it all," an insider close to the Vitolos told the outlet.

However, another insider claimed that Rachel and Emilio were not doing okay.

"He and his fiancée were taking it slow, and it wasn't working out."

"He likes older women. He dated an older anchor at FOX and others, so he has a history with older women."

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