GMB Canceled? Piers Morgan Drops Positive Update About Morning Show

Piers Morgan released a positive update regarding "Good Morning Britain" after rumors surfaced that the show would be canceled. 

On October 7, Morgan boasted the newest milestone that GMB reached following concerns about its status.

According to the presenter, the show successfully bagged its second-highest rating in history.

In the celebratory post, he attached a picture of him and Sussana Reid as they sat behind the morning show's desk. Morgan held his closed fists in the air while his co-host smiled brightly as always.


The 55-year-old broadcaster then noted on the caption that GMB achieved a 28 percent increase in year-on-year rating.

The post, which now has 35,000 likes, received mixed reactions from netizens since Morgan also used the platform to criticize BBC Breakfast.

One netizen said, "Love you piers but not on gmb... Have to turn you off, sorry... We need more positivity." [sic]

"I used to watch but now I wont as u talk over everyone. It's tooooo much for a morning show, life's hard enough as it is without hearing u ranting," another one shared.

Although not everyone celebrated with them, it is worth noting that the news cleared people's anxiety after recent chaos occurred during the show.

Is GMB Getting Canceled Or Not?

Before Morgan and the GMB team learned about their newest record, the presenters heard an alarming news from the director.

On the most recent episode of GMB, Morgan revealed that the director told him and Reid that the show was "hanging by a thread."

Since this sounded like the show was getting canceled, the presenter explained to their viewers how it happened.

Per Morgan, the director was speaking about an issue through their in-ear microphones. While it seemed like nothing was happening on the set, they assumed that what they were hearing was like a technical glitch.

"It's a constant stream of consciousness from our director who is emotionally erratic, so he literally, as we were about to come on air, all we hear are the words "this show is hanging by a thread!" he continued.

Indeed, hearing that one-liner made them anxious, so much so that they thought they were being canceled already.

Meanwhile, Reid joined the conversation and asked their staff named Erin to check on the director. She also asked the staff to tell the boss what he wanted to say.

But before the chaos got bigger, a voiceover suddenly played and mimicked Richard Ayoade to tell them to "carry on."

Fortunately, what the director said was not as bad as GMB getting canceled.

This alarming moment came weeks after Morgan joked about leaving the show next year. Meanwhile, Reid shared that her contract negotiations are still up in the air.

"We have two more days left, then you'll all be glad to see the back of us. Not forever, we'll be back in September," he said.

Indeed, GMB can totally be chaotic sometimes because of Morgan.

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