Justin Bieber debuted his new "Lonely" music video about the dark side of child stardom, and one cannot help but think that he is relaying his own life experience.

The video features child actor Jacob Tremblay. 

It's refreshing to see Bieber sing about the "trauma" of his early fame, even though he has hinted it through the years.

Plus, given the turn of events in his life--from an innocent-looking kid to someone whose name has been dragged into several scandals--it is already quite obvious that stardom while young can have its harrowing effects.

One thing that remained consistent in Bieber's life, though, despite the exciting ups and grave lows, is that he can deliver his songs and music videos beyond par.

"Lonely" is not different.

First Reaction  

It's a little heartbreaking to hear Bieber sing about feeling as if he's dying inside when he was still young. It brought back memories of fans who were just happy and excited whenever he would release a new album and hold concerts.

We all wanted a piece of him, devouring scandals about him and Selena Gomez and his associations with drugs, sometimes siding with him, and sometimes bashing him like everyone else. His lyrics now revealed just how alone he must have felt during those times. 

"Maybe when I'm older it'll all calm down, but it's killing me now/ What if you had it all but nobody to call, maybe then you'd know me/ Cause I've had everything, but no one's listening, that's just (expletive) lonely," Bieber sings in the music video. "Everybody knows my past now, like my house was always made of glass/ Maybe that's the price you pay for the money and fame at an early age."



Nice Song, Guilt-Inducing Message 

Bieber shared the video on his Instagram and added a long caption to express what he feels about it, as well as his thought process in doing the project. According to him, it was not an easy song to complete. But in the middle of recording it, he realized just how important it is to tell the story. 

While this is not the first time Justin Bieber talked about not having a normal childhood and its ugly effects, this is the first that we actually listened. We used to chuck it as a normal consequence of fame, forgetting he's technically a child. But we used to even say nobody asked him to become rich and famous and showcase his talents, after all, and he should feel blessed instead of being ungrateful.

Those were kind of mean thoughts. 

Which brings us to the value of "Lonely." It's nicely done, it has a good tune, and it delivers the message effectively. It could very well be Bieber's best work yet. 

In the past, Bieber said on social media that he started to do heavy drugs three years after achieving fame.

At 19, he was not just doing drugs; he was also abusive towards the women in his life. Given that his most known relationship during this phase of his life was Selena, many took it as him admitting to abusing and disrespecting Gomez. 

Bieber is now happily married to Hailey Baldwin, while Gomez is regaining control of her life and moving on.

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