At this point, given all the nominees of the 2020 People's Choice awards for best new artist, including Ava Max, Doja Cat and many more, it is truly hard to choose who will win.

After all, they are all qualified and deserving of the award, having shaped 2020 in some way or form with their emergence into the scene. 

Our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for Best New Artist, however, is Doja Max for three reasons. 

Say So! 

Our first reason, of course, is the hit that pushed her to become a household name in the first place, "Say So." She quickly followed it with more hit songs.

Most of her songs are actuallly TikTok anthems, so there is no doubt that they are catchy and memorable. 

We can probably attribute the rise of "Say So" to the more experienced artist Nicki Minaj, whom Doja Cat was in collaboration with, but we cannot discount her efforts and talent. Plus, it's hard to collaborate with a bigger artist without some squeamishes at first.

But their work turned out real well, landing on the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. 


Needless to say, Doja Cat has been on the rise this 2020. Even with the pandemic raging on, people are jamming to her songs.

Her songs actually drive some of the COVID-19 blues away, although she personally said she "ain't afraid" of the virus (she evetually changed her tune because she tested positive for the virus herself).

Her whole "Hot Pink" album has also became a constant in the Billboard 200 albums chart. 

She Has Fallen and Risen

We think she's the best new artist for 2020 even though she's not techinically new. What we have in front of us is actually Doja 2.0 (or is it 3.0?). The girl certainly has evolved and we always love those kind of stories--rising up from the ashes or something to the effect. 

In 2018, her song "Mooo" became a viral hit out of nowhere. But a series of homophobic tweets made in the past pushed fans to drop her real fast. This is already the era of social media, so it was not impossible to be canceled just like that.

Sometimes, rising up from such can be virtually impossible since netizens can be quite vicious in digging up past dirts and making sure they do not go away. Doja Cat, however, made her way back. Nobody can use those tweets against her anymore since they already know she went silent and her career stalled for a bit because of them. She's likely to have changed.

We want to see her awarded for that, so she is our top choice in this 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for "The New Artist of 2020." 

Social Media Gold

If social media did her wrong in in the past, she's now controlling it perfeclty. In fact, she is described as someone who can touch everything and turn it into "social media gold" because of her uncanny talent for dominating Internet culture. She's electic, weird and just fresh. 

Ariana Grande said so as much.

Ariana used to have that title if you think about it, all catty and cute at the same time. However, she's now more seasoned and therefore capable of seeing who can follow her footsteps.

Grande called Doja Cat "such a breath of fresh air" and even professed how much she is a fan. "I love her so much; I love her personality, I love what she brings to the table musically." 

We want to take Grande's word for it, so she is our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for best new artist.  

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