The coconut oil in the Philippines and other Asian countries has become everbody's best buddy now--be it men or women. But apart from its already proven benefits, did you know that coconut oil works best on your eyebrows, too?

Your hair is considered as your crowning glory. But in the past few years, how your eyebrows look has become as important as getting your hair done.

To wake up every morning with messy hair is normal. However, maintaining that eyebrow-on-flick makes a huge difference as it enhances your face features once you groom them perfectly.

For sure, you went through a time when you pluck your eyebrows to the thinnest. Unfortunately, that era is all in the past now, as the new trend focuses on making people grow their eyebrows cleanly.

You are lucky that you have coconut oil to guide you in taking care of your eyebrows, and its power is more than just moisturizing the skin under your brows.

If you wonder what coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries can do for you, here are the best benefits you can enjoy after using it.

Coconut Oil Promotes Growth

For years, castor oil hoarded the spotlight and bagged the title for being the most effective ingredient for hair growth. But if you want something cheaper and more beneficial, coconut oil must be your first choice.

Not only does it make your hair grow beautifully, but this miracle product also offers care from the inside out.

Like its benefits to your hair, coconut oil can reduce protein loss of your eyebrows' strands by making the hair follicles stronger.

Instant Flick, Anyone?

One of the best components of coconut oil is lauric acid.

This vitamin quickly penetrates even the thickest brows and keeps it conditioned all day long. It only means that by dabbing a small amount of coconut oil onto them, you will have fuller and more nourished brows.

Moreover, most of the time, you deal with brow problems since you spend too much time fixing them. But with this natural product, you can easily groom them the way you want to since it locks in moisture and prevents moisture loss.

Even shaving them using a blade can be easy-peasy, as it can smoothen your skin, as well!

How To Use Coconut Oil on Your Eyebrows

For the best results using coconut oil on your eyebrows, you can follow this easy routine every night.

As usual, you should watch your face and dry them with a towel. If you prefer to use your finger directly or a cotton swab, both will do, but you need to make sure that the area is already clean to prevent build up.

You may spread the coconut oil onto your eyebrow according to its growth. Take note that the skin above and below your brow should be part of the routine, too!

After doing the same on the other, you can leave it overnight and wash them off in the morning!

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