Coconut Oil Beauty: 5 Ways Olivia Culpo Uses This Miracle Ingredient

Olivia Culpo

Beauty queens have their own beauty secrets. Whether they use products with hefty prices or not, they make sure that they feed their skin with the treatment it deserves.

With that said, Olivia Culpo has a pretty unique routine, which involves the use of coconut oil.

The use of coconut oil in the Philippines and other Asian countries has been known for a long time now. Its popularity even boomed these past few years, and Culpo became one of its believers.

In her one-on-one interview with Byrdie last year, she revealed her beauty routine every "off-duty" day.

"Off duty for me means giving my skin a little bit of a break," she said before admitting that she achieves her low-maintenance look by using a jar of coconut oil.

Among the coconut oil wonders, she dedicates herself to are the following:

Coconut Oil as Lip Liner Partner

The 28-year-old actress has found out that coconut oil can give the ultimate nourishment for the lips, as well. Thus, she takes advantage of the natural product's benefits to take care of her lips.

"I'll rub a little bit of my lip liner on my hand and then I'll take the coconut oil-just a finger swab-and I'll rub it in the liner," she detailed in the same interview.

She also revealed that she uses it to lengthen the natural stain it gives to her lips. By using a small amount of her lip liner and coconut oil, she can easily achieve a natural color for her lips without drying them.

Since the product is well-known for its moisturizing effect, it also makes the actress' lips look smoother and more natural than ever.

Coconut Oil To Make Shaving Experience Better

Beauty queens and actresses like Culpo need to maintain a flawless-looking skin.

It is a good thing that Culpo found the best way to get rid of her pesky little hairs rather than using sharp blades alone.

If you wonder how she shaves smoothly, it is because she uses coconut oil as her holy grail. Due to the product's highly moisturizing effect, the shaving blade moves smoothly on her skin's surface.

In addition, coconut oil acts as an antibacterial protectant and antioxidant that repairs her skin while giving additional protection.

Moisturizer? No Problem!

Aside from enhancing Culpo's lips and keeping her legs hair-free, coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries also gives her overall nourishment.

According to some studies, coconut oil contains fatty acids and compounds that moisturizes the skin. It also has Vitamin F or linoleic acid that locks in the moisture for a long-lasting effect.

It Can Be a Hair Mask, Too

Beauty queens' hairs end up the most damaged after every pageant since they need to style it using heat all the time.

To give her hair a break, Olivia covers her hair with coconut oil to enjoy its main benefits, including the prevention of hair loss, recovering hair moisture, and keeping the hair's natural moisture.

With these several perks she enjoys, it is not surprising that coconut oil caught even Culpo's heart and trust.

Unlimited Face Mask!

To save time while receiving the best care, Culpo completes her coconut oil beauty routine by making a mask using the natural product.

The best thing about this beauty hack is that you can freely add any other natural product to achieve more benefits at the same time.

Depending on the skin's condition, one can also try it with turmeric, lemon, sugar, or honey.

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