Marvel fans are pissed off that the stars only defended Chris Pratt from social media backlash but not Brie Larson.

Recently, Pratt has been at the center of Twitterverse after users have been engaged in a debate about the one "Hollywood Chris" that has to go.

The "Parks and Recreation" alum is the least superior out of the four Chrises in the choices, including Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans, because of being pro-Trump and anti-LGBTQ.

Many of Pratt's co-stars have defended him from the criticism, including "Guardian of Galaxy" director and writer James Gunn.

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"Ironman" star Robert Downey Jr. said that Pratt is a "real Christian" who has always shown "positivity and gratitude."

"Hulk" actor Mark Ruffalo also said that Chris Pratt is a "solid man."

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He defended that Pratt is "not overtly political" and claims that what's happening now "is just a distraction." He urged people to "keep our eyes on the prize," referring to the upcoming US elections.

Meanwhile, Twitter users think it's so unfairthat Brie Larson didn't get the same support from her castmates when she was also the target of online abuse.

Larson was trolled after being cast as "Captain Marvel" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Many Marvel fans think that she was too feminist or that they called for the studio to "work on its diversity."

One Twitter user said, "avengers cast when fans obsessively harass brie larson every day for two years vs. avengers cast when Chris pratt gets called out for supporting white supremacists."


Fans claimed that the only Marvel stars who stood up for Larsonwere Don Cheadle and Chadwick Boseman.

A Twitter user said, "Brie Larson gets bullied on social media for two years, only Chadwick and Cheadle defend her. Chris Pratt gets "bullied" for three days and calls in half the MCU to defend him."

Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie in "Avengers" and "Thor: Ragnarok," was also the target or fascist trolls after she, a multiracial woman, was cast in the Marvel movies.

Fans claimed that Valkyrie was a white woman with blonde hair in the comics, which is hugely different from the movies.

When Ruffalo tweeted to defend Pratt, one Twitter user said, "Where was this energy when people attacked Tessa Thompson for being cast as valkyrie, where was this energy when Zendaya was attacked for being cast as MJ, where was this energy when Brie Larson was being attacked for speaking up on the lack of diversity in the industry."

Scarlet Witch star Elizabeth Olsen was also trolled and bullied early this year, garnered a mention from the polls.

Many Marvel fans also mentioned that Zendaya, Scarlett Johansson, and Emily VanCamp were also bullied and haven't gotten the level of support similar to Chris Pratt.

One person on Twitter called out the men who defended Pratt, calling it "white dude solidarity."

Another social media user fumed, "All these Marvel dudes were REAL quiet when Zendaya, Tessa Thompson, and Brie Larson were getting mercilessly harassed by dudebros."

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