Royal Heartbreak: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Relationship With Cambridges 'Irreparable'

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The reported fallout of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with their in-laws, Prince William and Kate Middleton, could be permanent, according to a royal expert. 

Despite the two Princes grew up close with one another, the Duke of Sussex and the future King are now following different paths, and news of their fall out since last year is nothing new. 

Not only are Prince William and Prince Harry are feuding, but also their wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. 

While many royal fans hope to see the former Fab Four put aside their differences and get back to the action, royal expert and commentator Ingrid Seward believes that they will never get around to how they once were. 

Speaking on the podcast, "Pod Save the Queen," Seward explained that it happens within family relationships. 

"Sometimes, it becomes more of an effort to try and repair it than it just to leave it as it is." 

She also added that the Fab Four now has a broken relationship. 

But only when something happens to their wives, Meghan and Kate, or a tragedy in the royal family, then Prince Harry and Prince William might be together again. 

"If there was an awful tragedy, it would bring them together. But otherwise, I don't think that relationship will be mended," she shared. 

Seward also talked about how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have handled their royal roles during the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom. 

She described that the couple has been working incredibly hard, and the people are listening to them. 

"They have a voice and they use it very wisely."

Prince Philip, who reportedly is exhausted and couldn't comprehend why the Sussexes left The Firm, is reportedly "very proud of the Cambridge family."

This is in contrast to what he feels for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, according to a new book, "Prince Philip: A Man of His Century." 

Per Seward, the Duke of Edinburgh welcomed the former "Suits" actress at the beginning. After all, he used to be an outsider so he knows what and how she would feel. 

The 99-year-old royal reportedly knows that he has a part to play and can do something to help the American. 

"I think he is completely baffled by Harry and Meghan's desperation to leave the royal family. I think he feels they had so much going on for them," Seward said.

Prince Harry had his military appointments, the Sussexes' Frogmore Cottage has been newly renovated, and they have a beautiful baby. 

"They were beginning to really make a mark in the world," Seward added. 

Even Queen Elizabeth II supported them in promoting the Commonwealth. 

But "Philip just thought their dereliction of duty was just appalling," Seward said. "He didn't understand it."

"What is so wrong with the royal family? And if it's so awful, why did Meghan ever marry Harry if it's so ghastly?"

Prince Philip was said to be at wit's end to understand as someone at his age would. 

Seward believes that the Duke has been incredibly vocal about his Megxit feelings toward Queen Elizabeth II. 

He also reportedly liken Meghan Markle to Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, whose husband former British king Edward VIII abdicated to be with her.

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