After working with several A-listers in her entire career, Margot Robbie will not be making some movie magic with George Clooney anytime soon. 

As per New Idea, the 59-year-old actor was initially eyeing up the "Harley Quinn" star for a few upcoming movies. 

But George's admiration for Margot vanished and has then blacklisted the Aussie beauty from all of her future projects. 

However, the outlet's source revealed it's not because of her talent but because of the people she associates with. 

"It's not Margot's fault. It's who she hangs out with that's the problem."

This is after the "Suicide Squad" star is set to work alongside "Batman" actor Christian Bale for an upcoming comedy film directed by "Silver Linings Playbook" director David O. Russell. 

It is known that "Ocean's Eleven" star fought with the director on the set of their film, "The Three Kings" in 1999. 

"It was pretty vicious, but George and David have been public enemies number one ever since - and anyone associated with David is banned from George's circle."

What Happened Between George and David?

According to producer Charles Roven that it started when George Clooney found David yelling at the extras. But the truth was that he wasn't screaming at him and was only yelling to be heard. 

At that time, they were filming for the climax of the movie, where they were explosions, gunfire, helicopters. 

There were also problems with George's pay cut, scheduling conflicts, and production delays that the actor and the director reached a boiling point. 

It was chaotic and madness. 

Charles told The Hollywood Reporter, "And George comes running over and goes, 'I told you, m--------- if you're going to pick on somebody, pick on me.'"

"And David goes, 'Why don't you just f------ remember your lines for once?' And boom! They grab each other, and they're tussling. And so I pulled George away. That was it."

George vs. Mark

The insider went on to add that the two-time Academy Award-nominated actress is now on the same blacklist pile as "Transformers" actor Mark Wahlberg. 

George Clooney cut all associations with Mark after he didn't take George's side on his on-set fight with David O. Russell. 

Not Margot's Fault

Margot Robbie signing up for that film with David O. Russell, reportedly "slams the door on George having any association with her in the future."

Insiders further shared with New Idea that she was ecstatic to learn that George Clooney and his team expressed that they want to work with her. 

But later on, didn't understand why his team suddenly became quiet. 

"Now she knows. Though no fault of her own, a silly on-set fight that happened when she was eight years old has cut her out of one of Hollywood's prestigious inner circles."

They added, "She's not going to let it worry her, though. This movie with David and Christian could earn her enough gongs to have her own prestigious inner circle."

However, it's best to take the outlet's story with a grain of salt. Nothing is confirmed until readers will hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

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