A royal author said that Queen Elizabeth II shouldn't criticize Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for attempting to sell themselves with their royal titles. 

As it turns out, Her Majesty and Prince Charles have sold products for years that showed the Royal Coat of Arms or other related items that relate to the British monarchy. 

According to Robert Lacey, "It is Buckingham Palace's shops that sell shower caps with the Royal Coat of Arms, Buckingham Palace gin, Prince Charles sells Duchy biscuits. So it's the pot calling the kettle black."

He added, "The monarchy has stooped to all sorts of commercial devices." 

During the summer, the Royal Collection Shop started selling a gin they created using herbs and flowers picked from the Queen's garden home.

The bottle even has the name of "Buckingham Palace" and included a crown. 

In 1990, the Duke of Cornwall was able to deal with Waitrose and set up a company called Duchy Originals Limited. They sold a range of 100% natural and organic food and drinks produced in the Duchy of Cornwall. 

However, these said initiatives are helpful to the Crown and the British taxpayers, as they gather more money into the royal family's pockets without dipping their hands into the Sovereign Grant.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle trademarked Sussex Royal just before Megxit happened. 

Some of the items that were trademarked by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex include clothes, footwear, books, magazines, pencils, promotional and public awareness campaigns, and volunteers' volunteering and recruitment. 

At that time, they were slated to make millions from their lucrative commercial deals after quitting the British royal family.

However, they were blocked in their trademark bid because Queen Elizabeth II controls Britain's swans and royal titles. 

The couple was barred from using the word "royal" in their brand or any of their future business ventures after leaving the royal family. 

In a statement issued about the future use of the word, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said, "While The Duke and Duchess are focused on plans to establish a new non-profit organization, given the specific UK government rules surrounding the use of the word 'Royal,' it has been therefore agreed that their non-profit organization will not utilize the name 'Sussex Royal' or any other iteration of 'Royal.'"

They even took a subtle jab at Queen Elizabeth, saying that there is no jurisdiction by The Monarchy or Cabinet Office over the use of the word "Royal" overseas.

But as per Lacey, their financial independence would only create a massive issue for the monarchy if they exposed "royal taboos." 

Speaking about the Sussex's multi-year deal with Netflix, "The one question mark over the Sussexes' deal with Netflix is whether it does contain, as it has been reported, plans for some sort of tell-all documentary."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already denied that they will be the stars of a reality show. 

"But that is slightly disingenuous; they have denied doing a reality show but not a documentary. And if they did do a documentary about how they left the Royal Family and why and how they are getting on away from the Royal Family, that could be the actual end, that could finalize the rift."

And once they break the taboos, Lacey believes that it would then be impossible for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to ever return to the royal family. 

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