Contrary to what she said or joked about earlier on, Hilaria Baldwin is no longer interested to add more to her brood of five. Her husband Alec Baldwin has long thrown in the towel. 

However, Hilaria said it's not a 100 percent no. She just does not think about it anymore because of the present circumstances. 

No More Babies as Long as COVID-19 Rages On

Hilaria Baldwin is settled on her number of children as long as there is still no cure for the COVID-19.

Baldwin, 36, and husband Alec, 62, just welcomed their fifth child a few months back, joining the other little ones--with the oldest Carmen just 7, followed by Rafael, 5, Leonardo, 4, and then Romeo, 2. 

To say her house must feel like a playground right now would be an understatement. She said to think of adding more in the middle of a pandemic is just insane. 

"I think, right now, I'm so tired. And I feel, just with COVID, it's just insanity," Baldwin told People. "Right now, during times of COVID, it very much feels like we're done."

Considering the fact that she delivered five babies out now, it's a wonder how her waist can still be so tiny. She recently posted a selfie that highlighted her slim waist, to the envy of women everywhere. Wearing a plunging denim jumpsuit, one would be hardpressed not to feel wowed by the mean feat. 

If Her Children Ask Nicely Though

But this is not first time the yoga instructor and wellness coach said no more babies. She said exactly the same thing in the past, but she still ended up with more babies. 

This is why she's moderating her no this time. She said another one might come if her children ask nicely for more siblings. 

"My kids are used to new siblings coming in, so they're already like, 'When is the next one going to come?'" Baldwin joked "And I'm like, 'Guys, you and the entire world need to stop asking me that!'"

While the fifth baby was in still her belly, she emphasized it's impossible to say the fifth one is the last one. 

"At this point, who knows?" she told Us Weekly back in April. "I don't know. I've learned that I thought I was gonna have one kid and now, all of [a] sudden, I have a gigantic brood, so who knows?" 

And then back in August, despite the same pandemic already raging, Hilario noted she cannot find it in her to rule out more kids. Speaking with People magazine, she shared she is in love with being part of a big family. 

"The best thing about having a big family is there's just so much love," the 36-year-old mom admitted.

In October, she joked about having one more just days after the fifth one popped out, while Alec Baldwin already told Ellen DeGeneres that he does not want more  

Alec said his wife is a baby collector, but he's already putting his foot down.

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