Clare Crawley is out, Tayshia Adams is in. Probably one of the biggest twists of this new season of the "Bachelorette," or the whole history of the franchise, fans get to see a new bachelorette get wooed by men who were supposedly vying for the old one. 

Sounds tacky for some, but it does make good entertainment, plus four new men were called in to join the fray so Adams would feel the season is hers.

If Clare loves Dale Moss so much already and cannot find it in her to participate in a contest about choosing the perfect guy for her, then it is truly the best that she leaves and be replaced by someone looking for her prince.

Tayshia Adams officially started her "Bachelorette" journey on November 10 and she certainly arrived with a bang - a limo and in a sparkling olive green dress to boot. She's certainly read for the show. 

If you do not know her yet, here are some fun facts about Tayshia Adams. 

Her Journey in the Bachelor Nation has Been a While 

Tayshia is no newbie to the Bachelor Nation. Fans of the franchise would know that she was part of Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. 

She did quite well, since she made it all the way to the final three. She was let go after her fantasy suite date though because Colton realized he wanted a relationship with Cassie Randolph.

He broke up with both Tayshia and the other remaining finalist, Hannah Godwin since he has  already chosen.

She was in Bachelor in Paradise as well. 

On that show, she started a relationship with John Paul Jones, but ended things with him before filming was completed. 

However, they had a change of heart. They have gotten  back together by the reunion show in Sept. 2019. They eventually realized things were not working out so they split for good

She Was Divorced - So No Fooling this Girl Anymore!

"I felt a lot of pressure to make sure that my marriage worked," she told Dean Unglert on his "Help! I Suck at Dating" podcast, according to Us Weekly.

The divorce made her closer to her parents though.

"So at the same time I made sure to do everything I needed to do in order to know that I did everything I could at the end of the day. It definitely was scary to tell my parents it's just not working out," she said. "Before my divorce, I really wasn't open with my parents about every single thing that was going on in my relationship-slash-me in general. But because of my divorce, I opened up a lot more and they are now my closest friends in a way," she added. 

She's Trained to Draw Blood

Outside of this reality show, Adams has a really cool education and job.Adams is a phlebotomist, formally trained draw blood, according to her Bachelor intro video.

She earned her Biology degree from the Concordia University Irvine. 

Someone capable of seeing "through the veins" must be able to see through these many vying men's hearts. 

She had to put that career on hold for this franchise. 

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