Princess Diana Once Revealed Her 'Greatest Love' -- And It's Not Prince Charles

Princess Diana seemed to be head over heels for Prince Charles when they met, but she actually once revealed that he is not her greatest love.

For years, royal watchers have seen how much Prince Charles loves Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall--so much so that he ended up divorcing Princess Diana for her.

However, it seemed like the Princess of Wales also loved someone so much, and it is not Prince Charles.

The newest season of "The Crown" has been unceasingly revealing once-unknown details about the royal family. The award-winning series also shared glimpses of Princess Diana's life before her death, including the time she found true love in someone else.

In one of the episodes of the Netflix hit series, Princess Anne told Queen Elizabeth II about Princess Diana's alleged affairs. This includes one of her bodyguards.

It did not highlight the event too much, but it is worth noting that the bodyguard named Barry Mannakee took the biggest part in the princess' heart.

What Happened Between Princess Diana and Her "Greatest Love"?

One of the private tapes the Princess of Wales shared with her voice coach, Peter Settelen, revealed how close the two were.

In the said recording, which was released after her tragic death, Princess Diana detailed her relationship with a bodyguard she refused to name. Elsewhere in the voice tape, she called him "the greatest love" she ever had.

According to the Princess of Wales, she fell deeply in love with him so much that she thought of living with him.

The royal princess even added that the bodyguard thought it would be a good idea, too.

She failed to mention Barry Mannakee's name in the tape. However, the way she described him and the story aligned with the time she met him.

In 1985, the Palace introduced Mannakee as Lady Diana's bodyguard. He became the replacement for Chief Inspector Graham Smith, who, during that time, decided to leave his post.

In the book "The Diana Chronicles," the bodyguard reportedly entered the picture when Princess Diana already felt too vulnerable.

During that time, the royal princess already experienced the lows in her marriage with Prince Charles. Still, she refused to snub her need to feel loved.

During the summer of the same year, the fishing accident at Balmoral Castle seemingly ignited their relationship. Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith wrote in her book, "Diana in Search of Herself," that the bodyguard cared for the princess more than her husband.

"As she glumly watched her husband at his favorite occupation, a salmon hook from a careless cast became embedded in her eyelid. Personal protection was radioed to take Diana back to the house to receive medical attention," Smith wrote.

Instead of Prince Charles, the bodyguard took care of her and consoled her.

Since then, Mannakee continued to be there for Princess Diana and supported her emotionally.

"I was only happy when he was around...I was like a little girl in front of him the whole time," the Princess of Wales reportedly said in the tapes.

However, their blossoming relationship came to an end after Mannakee got fired for having a "closer" relationship with her.

Unfortunately, like Princess Diana, the bodyguard died on the road after being struck by another driver on May 22, 1987.

Upon hearing the news, the Princess of Wales was devastated and broken, proving that the two indeed shared a deep relationship.

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