Britney Spears’ Dad Dubbed ‘Erratic,’ ‘Troubled’ by Star’s Former Business Partner

Britney Spears

Popstar Britney Spears has been begging for the court to remove her dad, Jamie Spears from her 12 long years of conservatorship. 

In the middle of her legal battle with her dad, a new report explained what Britney's former business partner had to say about him. 

Bobby Ochs, a celebrity restaurateur, spoke to Page Six and opened up about the famous dad's "erratic" behavior. 

Bobby and the "Baby One More Time" singer were once business partners in a restaurant named Nyla. 

The pair opened it in 2002 at the Dylan Hotel, but six months later, they had to shut it down

Bobby recalled his encounter with the popstar's dad, sharing, "I had a similar problem with Jamie. He didn't have any say in the business, but a few days before the grand opening, out of the blue, he came storming into my office at 9 AM with an unknown young man and woman." 

Bobby shared how Jamie seemed "either hungover or high" because the dad-of-three looked like he was bouncing off the walls. 

In front of the managers and chef present on that day, Bobby explained how Jamie introduced the two unknown people to be managers for his daughter's restaurant. 

"He was so out of it and screaming, 'Nobody is going to ruin my little girl's place!'"

Bobby further added how Jamie wanted the chefs to be gone and start over with a new menu. 

Bobby Ochs thought that the incident would turn physical during that time, but luckily, it didn't. 

But upon learning that Jamie just met the couple whom he wanted to manage Britney's restaurant, Bobby didn't accept any of it. 

"It turns out Jamie had met the couple he wanted to run Britney's restaurant the night before in a random New York bar he had been drinking in."

"I explained to him I was the operating partner, and this could not happen. He was unhinged, screaming and hollering - he was in my face, and I was expecting any minute he was going to get physical."

When he later informed Britney's mom about it, she was reportedly not surprised at all.

According to Bobby, Lynne's reaction was not surprised at all. 

"'Oh no, not again,' like Jamie had to be kept in check and tolerated."

Meanwhile, Jamie Spears did apologize to Bobby for what happened. But considering the weird encounter, the restaurateur isn't completely surprised why Britney Spears wants her dad to be removed from her conservatorship. 

"I can't imagine him running anything."

In relation to the singer's conservatorship, her lawyer said that the estate would suffer and incur many losses once Jamie becomes head of the estate. 

Jamie allegedly attempted to retain full functional control of her assets. But the "Womanizer" singer wants Bessemer Trust Company as the sole conservator.

Fans of the mom-of-two are hoping Britney's conservatorship will finally end. Even celebrity pals are showing their support and expressing love for her amid her conservatorship battle. 

Paris Hilton said, "I feel like if you're an adult, you should be able to live your life and not be controlled."

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