Among all the nominees for this year's Best Music Video, our 2021 Grammy Awards prediction is Beyonce's "Brown Skin Girl." There's no one or two ways to describe it, as it makes the most sense to us.

To share why it this is the only choice we can make, here are three reasons: 

It's Essentially a Love Letter To Black Girls Everywhere 

A letter that should have been sent out a long time ago, if we might add. Beyonce's film "Black is King" was an ode to Africa that many people had been yearning for. Naturally, the songs featured on the film all made people feel things, including "Brown Skin Girl." Watching the video made a specific group of people cry--not hurt, but validated.

For what it's worth, an award is a small thing to give for what it did. 

When the single was released in 2019, "Brown Skin Girl" quickly became an international hit, touching even non-Blacks girls.

Jenn Nkiru, the Nigerian-British director behind the video, spoke with Essence and her words were certainly empowering. Speaking about it, she said: "I just think Brown skin, Black skin, dark skin, is so beautiful. I just see the divinity in it. It's gorgeous. This was meant to be an affirmation of that. That's the intent of it, to be an affirmation."

Powerhouse Involved

Apart from Beyonce, the video also featured other Black women who have certainly made a mark. There's Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong'o, Tina Knowles-Lawson and even Beyoncé's daughter, Blue Ivy--a hint that this message is supposed to touch the next generations, too.

What could be more empowering than seeing all these powerful Black women in one video? For a young Black girl watching, seeing them having made a name for themselves is everything. 

Lupia Nyong'o called the song and video a "gift" and thanked Beyonce for it. 

The Video is Simply Stunning

We may have made this our 2021 Grammy Awards prediction because of the message it sent out and the impact it made, but the graphics is actually grappling


It would not go viral if the video is lackluster, even if the message is great. But then, there's no going wrong with Beyonce and all the artists featured in it. There's never been so many beautiful African American women in several beautiful gowns in one video, for one! 

The Grammys have been accused of being too white for years. Even this year's nominations were met with the same criticism. Of course, this 2021 Grammy Awards prediction is not based on the need to diversify and make Black people empowered, but maybe the awards show should finally recognize talent can truly be from a long-oppressed minority group and what is due to them should be given. 

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