Growing your hair can be challenging most of the time, but everything should be way easier with the help of coconut oil.

It is not surprising that your hair plays a huge role in making yourself look presentable, especially during a pandemic when your face is covered with face mask.

Since it is what most people first notice, it is a must that you take care of your crowning glory at all times.

Fortunately, coconut oil in the Philippines and other Asian countries can solve your hair problems in an instant.

What Causes Hair Breakage?

Unlike the other parts of your body, your hair takes a longer time to heal itself. If your skin can peel itself off to renew its appearance, your hair is sensitive enough that your only option to grow it healthily is to cut it off.

But before you learn about coconut oil's miracle, you should know the reasons why your hair breaks off. That way, you will know how to prevent or stop it from occurring again.

First, your hair strands turn brittle, mostly due to lack of moisture. Your crowning glory has natural oils that keep it moisturized all day long.

However, if you have been using shampoo and conditioner that does not suit your hair, you are causing damage even more.

The water's compound also affects its growth. For example, chlorine and heavy metals steal your hair's natural shine. These harsh minerals and chemical exposure also cause long-term problems.

Apart from these basic things, styling your hair using too much heat also makes the situation worse. You should be mindful of how you want your hair to look because, at the end of the day, there is nothing better than having natural-looking and beautiful locks.

Other problem-causing habits include too much washing, failing to condition your hair deeply, and not having regular haircuts.

These problems can cause you to cut your hair shorter to save them, preventing you from having the long hair you have been wishing for.

How Coconut Oil Can Make Your Hair Longer

Coconut oil has been known as a miracle product all over the world, and it extends its power to your hair.

Coconut oil in the Philippines and in other tropical countries has been proven effective in making your hair grow healthier, thicker and longer.

One of the main--and most beneficial--ingredients coconut oil has is lauric acid. This type of acid promotes hair growth as it serves as your daily conditioner.

Coconut oil has other vitamins and fatty acids that stimulate hair growth by nourishing your scalp. At the same time, it also prevents sebum build-up that stops your hair from growing faster.

You may use coconut oil as a treatment mask once or twice a week for 10 minutes.

One of coconut oil's benefits also includes the power to treat split ends. When your hair finally tastes coconut oil, it will surely no longer have that pesky split ends.

Doing this routine regularly gives birth to a more optimal environment for your crowning glory so you can finally achieve longer hair.

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