Kanye West may be a polarizing figure, but there is no doubt his "Jesus is King" album deserves the best contemporary Christian music album in the 2021 Grammy Awards.

The past few years have been rough for Kanye. From being an individual with problematic mental health to being a controversial presidential wannabe, the rapper managed to overcome all of them.

Although he still has problems to resolve, he turns them into an inspiration to create new music.

In fact, he introduced his "new self" to the world by creating the "Jesus is King" album.

One year after its release, it earned a nomination for the Grammy Awards' best contemporary Christian music album.

For 2021, Kanye's album faces four other Christian albums, including "Run to the Father" (Cody Carnes), "All of my Best Friends" (Hillsong Young & Free), "Holy Water" (We The Kingdom), and "Citizen of Heaven" (Tauren Wells).

Still, Kanye's "Jesus is King" has an advantage over these competent nominees, which we detail in this 2021 Grammy Awards prediction.

Why Kanye West's "Jesus is King" Deserves To Win

Let's get straight to the point: West's album deserves a Grammy because it opened a new door for the rapper toward positive change.

Since 1996, the 43-year-old has been known for his very outspoken an often controversial tracks.

But in 2019, his Gospel album arrived.

Whether you are Kanye's fan or not, it's easy to see how the rapper's lyrical mastery turned into something influential. Amid these trying times, his music certainly brings light.

The other best contemporary Christian music album nominees also share the same vibe. However, "Jesus is King" is the best among them since it mirrors what the rapper went through before taking a huge leap in his life. With that, people can relate to it and see the story of the rapper through his own words.

It resonates with what other people had to overcome--and still need to overcome. Kanye's album is also touching since he based it on how his spiritual belief revealed the best in him.

While he has long been religious, Kanye never publicized it until last year.

In addition, "Jesus is King" simply invites people to follow Jesus and his works. The 27-minute sermon focuses on a soul-wrenching preach that serves as an eye-opener for everyone.

Previously, Kanye only opened up a little about religion and just made a few songs about his faith. But now that he is older and a family man, he showed that he has a stronger connection with God through the full-on Christian album.

Indeed, the power of his music continuously touches people's hearts. Another reason why "Jesus is King" deserves a Grammy is because he, himself, encourages everyone to embrace change by holding weekly services.

Everything about him and his Christian album gave him a chance to improve not only his life but other people's, too.

Because of these heartwarming reasons, Kanye West's "Jesus is King" received the nod in this 2021 Grammy Awards prediction.

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