Soap and water truly do not cut it when it comes to washing our makeup brushes. These tools are so expensive they need more care than dumping them into water and scrubbing them with soap or worse, dish detergents.

If you find the growing number of makeup brush cleaners out in the market quite expensive, Enstarz recommends using coconut oil as a good, if not better alternative. 

Why Coconut Oil?

A makeup-loving person would not just have a ton of makeup products, but a whole range of makeup brushes at use all the time. 

Suffice to say, makeup brushes are the ones that come contact directly to your skin, so you can never be too careful with them. 

It does not make sense to have good, quality, hypoallergenic makeup products if the brushes you use to apply them are dirty and full of bacteria. 

It's fine to look for makeup steals, but never scrimp on the time and effort you devote to cleaning your brushes because any dirt that would not be removed from them can damage your skin. 

This naturally does not mean splurging on the most expensive of brush cleaners.

What you need is something that can really do the job,  and usually, this does not have anything to do with the price of the product. 

Better yet, why spend when you can make an effective makeup cleaner with using simple ingredients? With just coconut oil? 

Through the years, based on studies and countless anecdotes of makeup lovers, it has been established that coconut oil is a good makeup brush cleaner because it does not cost much, it does not take long to transform into a cleaner, and once it has become a cleaner, works just as well as the commercial ones! 

Coconut Oil Even Better than Commercial Makeup Brush Cleaners

Enstarz even surmises that coconut oil is so much better than commercial makeup brush cleaners because tit does not only cleans the bristles but has properties that keep the bristles soft and long-lasting. it does not ruin the brushes' form and affect their performance. 

Some soaps cannot even clean oil-based makeup completely off the brushes. Residues can build up and this can ruin your face. Conversely, coconut oil is quite great at removing oil-based makeup from the beauty brushes (or from your face!). That said, coconut oil can deep clean the brushes but also conditions the bristles. 

Given how expensive these brushes are, you would not want them to be ruined in form and give you just a few months' worth of use. Coconut oil enhances their longevity

How to Turn Basic Coconut Oil into Makeup Brush Cleaners? 

It's really easy to turn coconut oil into a makeup brush cleaner. 

You just have to mix the one part of coconut oil with water and 2 parts antibacterial soap and voila! Soak you brushes in the bowl of this solution you made and you can watch the dirt and makeup fall away from your brushes.  

If you want to personalize your coconut oil makeup brush cleaner, then add some essential oils of your choice - lemon is always a good choice, especially because it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

You can even just dip your brushes on melted coconut oil directly

Just apply a tablespoon of melted coconut oil onto your brushes, then swirl them at the back of your hand until you see the makeup products transferring into your hand.

Wash your brushes with running water and you can see them become cleaner by the second. 

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