Even Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family can commit online mistakes from time to time.

The Queen and the whole royal family are known for being perfectly organized. May it be a royal tour or engagement, they make sure that everything is well-planned.

However, one of the recent posts on the royal family's Twitter account looked so odd that it was quickly delete soon after it was sent.

On December 10, a since-deleted tweet that said "Thanks" gained people's attention. The post remained visible on the account for six minutes and received 1,260 likes and 591 retweets.

Despite taking it down, several Twitter users, including Gert's Royals, managed to keep a receipt of the unusual post before it was removed.

"It was deleted. But Twitter still keeps it there sort of. I can actually still see it if I look at my initial quote tweet of it. I don't know if others can as well," the Twitter user said.

Meanwhile, another user replied and joked, "Maybe they are thankful The Duke and Dutchess of Hollywood are staying in America for the holidays!"

"This made me laugh out loud! It's so absurd...to think the Palace would just tweet one word," another person added.

Queen Elizabeth II "Thankful"

Although it remains unknown why the royal family's Twitter account posted such a blunder, recent events could explain why that word was mistakenly posted.

Before the online blunder, Her Majesty met Prince William and Kate Middleton after their Royal Train Tour.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to England, Wales and Scotland for three days to personally thank those people who have been serving the country and its people amid trying times.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, joined the Queen and the Cambridges at Windsor Castle after the royal engagement.

Although the central members of the royal family met, they still followed social distancing protocols and guidelines.

Queen Elizabeth II is thankful for the fact that, although Christmas will be different this year, she and Prince Philip remain in good health.

To recall, the Queen and her husband moved to Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England during the early days of the pandemic in the country. They had to put themselves in quarantine due to potential health risks.

Fortunately, months after isolating themselves, they will still hold their annual Christmas celebration at the royal residence.

As of writing, the Prince of Wales and his wife are the only ones confirmed to be joining the Queen for Christmas.

Meanwhile, whether or not Prince William and Kate will drop by Windsor Castle with their three kids remains unclear.

For now, they need to safeguard themselves by not holding frequent family events and avoiding close contact.

"Like everyone, their hope is that normality will return in 2021," a source told People, before adding that the Queen and Prince Philip may see the members of the royal family "but they understand that they have competing demands."

This year's holiday celebration is different from past years. Usually, the royal family members gather and celebrate Christmas at the Queen's Sandringham estate. However, that is difficult to push through with the pandemic and the vulnerability of the older royals.

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