Lindsey Vonn spoke candidly about the biggest problem she is facing after postponing her wedding.

The coronavirus pandemic continuously affects people's lives, and even Vonn had to postpone her most-awaited wedding with PK Subban because of it.

In her interview with Us Weekly, the 36-year-old Olympian expressed her wish to finally set another date after canceling their summer wedding.

Unfortunately, since the postponement, they have yet to make a concrete plan.

However, the worst issue they currently have to face is the fact that they cannot take another step since her family and PK's are scattered and cannot meet as of the moment.

"It's hard because obviously my family is kind of scattered all over the U.S. and also, my sister lives in Italy with her husband," she told the entertainment outlet. "PK's family lives in Canada and Americans aren't allowed in Canada right now. Our parents can't travel."

Because of the situation, Vonn and Subban still do not know when their nuptials will happen.

Despite that, they want to take things little by little and not allow it to stress them.

Per Vonn, they would be excited if they get the chance to finally hold the wedding. But right now, they are not stressing themselves over it.

Vonn and her 31-year-old fiancé have been dating since 2018 before getting engaged in 2019.

The gold medalist will also face another heartbreak this Christmastime as she will only be spending the holidays with Subban.

"[We won't be] with all the members of my family, unfortunately. My mom is in Minnesota with her husband and my dad is in Colorado. So it's difficult. We can't all get together," she went on.

Vonn Keeping Herself Busy

While waiting for the time she can finally focus on making wedding plans, Lindsey Vonn is currently dedicating herself to fundraising events.

For instance, on December 7, she spearheaded the first-ever US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation's virtual Holiday Silent auction.

She and other Olympians auctioned off their experiences. Aside from Vonn, the event also featured US Women's National Team defender Ali Krieger (for soccer skills clinic) and Olympic gold medalist Dan Jansen (for a golf getaway to Bandon Dunes).

"As Olympic athletes, we rely on endorsement deals, and a lot of athletes have second jobs," Vonn said, via Forbes.

She went on to reveal that some winter sports athletes would accept part-time jobs at Home Depot. Although being an Olympic athlete is a milestone for someone, not everyone can get sponsorship deals.

Unfortunately, the prize money is also not enough most of the time.

So as a former Team USA athlete, she supported the event to cover the players' needs for funding.

For Vonn's part, she auctioned her experiences in business and leadership. Apart from those benefits, she also offered some of her time to hang out and have a good time.

All the proceeds from the event were given to the struggling athletes amid the health crisis.

Before the December virtual event, she already auctioned off her personal collection of speed suits since October.

"All proceeds go to helping empower the next generation. We have big dreams to help more kids in more areas. You are helping raise money to give nationally to kids who need scholarships for STEM, Sports, and Enrichment activities," the statement in her foundation's official website read.

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