Tom Cruise Loses Cool After Crew Members Violate COVID-19 Protocols

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is making headlines once again. 

The 58-year-old Hollywood star has reportedly given two of his "Mission Impossible 7" crew members a mouthful after catching them breaking UK coronavirus protocols on the set of his movie. 

According to The Sun, there was a recorded tape where Cruise lost his cool, saying, "If I see you doing it again, you're f-----g gone."

"And if anyone in this crew does it, that's it - and you too and you too."

Afraid that the production of his multi-million-dollar budgeted movie may be closed down because of possible COVID-19 transmissions, Tom Cruise added, "And you, don't you ever f-----g do it again. We are not shutting this f------g movie down." 

The Sun explained that what angered the "Jack Reacher" actor was when he saw two crew members standing less than a meter away from each other at a computer screen. 

Tom Cruise's blockbuster franchise movie, "Mission Impossible 7," has been in the UK after filming in Rome, as he reprised the role of an American secret agent named Ethan Hunt. 

In November, the dad-of-two was spotted driving a vintage yellow Fiat 500 in the Italian capital as he was set to do some dramatic and action-packed scenes with a squad of police cars. 

Cruise was seen trying to drive his own car down a wide boulevard before he was met with an army of police bikes and vehicles. 

In the past couple of weeks, the "Interview With A Vampire" actor has been seen shooting a few scenes in Rome with his "Mission Impossible 7" co-star, Hayley Atwell. 

Not only was the movie filmed in Rome and London, but also Venice and Norway. 

Tom Cruise lashing out on the set of his movie was due to the franchise being faced with delays because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Many of the film's crucial scenes were supposed to be shot in Italy - but it also became the epicenter of one of the largest pandemics.

In October, Cruise had crisis talks with the movie director, Christopher McQuarrie, after 12 personnel on the set tested positive for the coronavirus.

Health officers were reportedly contact-tracing those who tested positive after the production was put on halt while hoping that the cases were isolated. 

While there's no official reason given for the film's abrupt decision, it was also claimed that a coronavirus test had come back positive from the set, so filming had to be temporarily postponed. 

Crew members of "Mission Impossible 7" have also urged spectators to remain socially and physically distanced from one another as they watch the set or wait to see stars shooting in public places. 

Even Tom Cruise and the movie director have also made this special request. 

Cruise, whopaid $675,000 from his own money to pay for a cruise ship for the cast and crew to self-isolate on, has been wearing a mask on set and has reportedly been keeping his eyes wide open for crew members who break coronavirus protocols. 

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