'Monster Hunter' Movie Review: What Critics Have Said About Video Game Film Adaptation

The "Monster Hunter" movie faced the biggest and longest postponement in the film industry. However, although it has a long time to polish its scenes, its arrival does not seem to overwhelm all its viewers.

As early as 2012, the "Monster Hunter" live-action adaptation has hyped its video game fans. After Capcom approved the creation of the film, things finally started to fall into the right places.

However, it still has to wait over eight years before the "Monster Hunter" movie release date had been finalized.

For what it's worth, The cast of the film had somewhat made the waiting game exciting.

"Ong Bak" actor Tony Jaa landed the role of The Hunter, with Milla Jovovich helping him make the scenes more realistic by playing the role of Captain Natalie Artemis.

The other "Monster Hunter" cast members include T.I., Ron Perlman, Meagan Good and Diego Boneta.

Although British director Paul W.S. Anderson revealed that they aimed for a Labor Day weekend release, Sony Pictures gave it an earlier launch. Unfortunately, it was not well-received at all.

"Monster Hunter" Movie Review: What The Critics Have Said So Far

After seeing the movie, critics quickly served their "Monster Hunter" movie reviews on the table.

Charlie Ridgely of ComicBook noted that like most live adaptations of movie games, this Capcom-based film did not meet expectations.

As of writing, the film has only a 54 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Meanwhile, Rollin Bishop only gave it a 2/5 score, saying that the film's exciting intro turned into a rollercoaster ride and caused headaches throughout the run time.

"Monster Hunter is the energy drink of movies; a quick shock of energy followed mostly by a headache," he went on before noting that the film lacks attention to detail.

David Ehrlich of Indie Wire also mentioned in his "Monster Hunter" movie review that the film quickly became a dull production.

He also tagged it as a terrible film that failed to meet the 2020 standards.

"Series fans will feel cheated by such a chintzy and incurious take on something they love, while the rest of us will be left wondering how the source material earned itself any fans in the first place," he went on.

Although it is based on a classic video game, the critics suggested that Anderson could have turned the movie into an exciting one.

Unfortunately, it followed the story of its old-fashioned video game--putting the plot aside and refusing to give the characters the development it deserves.

For instance, Jaa is the lead in the film. However, Jovovich outshined him and appeared in most action scenes.

While this added spice to the movie, Anderson lost the film's real essence. The filmmaker did not make the Monster Hunter the central focus in the flick.

Amid these negative reviews, Los Angeles Times' Noel Murray still pointed out one good thing about the live-action film.

"To be fair, all this movie promises from the start is monsters and hunters, and Anderson delivers both, from the first frame to the credits," he penned.

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