Netflix has a lot in store for subscribers this 2021, including a number of original movies.

As usual, Netflix in 2021 will offer a wider range of films and shows from different genres. However, some of its most anticipated flicks are its original content that become hits more often than not.

With that said, we take a look at the top three Netflix original movies fans should watch out for in the new year.

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space-Age Adventure

Most Netflix movies aim to bring back everyone in the past, and this one is no different. Through this piece, subscribers will have a glimpse of what happened during the Apollo 11 launching.

Richard Linklater's film "Apollo 10 1/2" is one of the countless animated Netflix movies that will be arriving next year.

When the team announced its arrival last July 2020, it coincided with the 51st anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11. Linklater set the story in the suburbs of Houston, Texas back in the summer of 1969.

"Our unique animation style allows both the conjuring of a world long gone, and the flowing, playful expression of memory and imagination," the director said in a statement, per Variety. "It's been a fun, creative journey to incorporate things like 3D graphics into a live action shoot to help bring this story to life."

The stars who will give life to the animated characters include Zachary Levi, Glen Powell, Jack Black, and Josh Wiggins among others.

Army of the Dead

The Netflix 2021 list also has something for fans who want to experience something creepy at the beginning of the new year.

A Zack Snyder masterpiece, "Army of the Dead" is an upcoming action-horror film about zombies. The story revolves around a group of mercenaries who planned a heist at a casino in Las Vegas amid a zombie outbreak.

Dave Bautista (Scott Ward), Ella Purnell (Kate Ward), Ana de la Reguera (Cruz), Garret Dillahunt (Frank Peters), Raul Castillo (Mikey De Guzman), and Omari Hardwick (Vanderohe) are all part of the cast.


The most awaited Netflix Original, "Blonde" will tell the fictionalized life story of Marilyn Monroe.

Andrew Dominik directed and wrote the upcoming biographical drama movie. He based it on the 2000 novel written and published by Joyce Carol Oates.

Like many other Netflix movies, "Blonde" will give justice to the late sex symbol by getting Ana de Armas as its main character.

Aside from De Armas, Adien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Julianne Nicholson, Caspar, Phillipson, and Toby Huss star in the fictionalized life story of Monroe.

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