Queen Abdication News: Prince Charles Takes Big Step to Prepare for 2021 New Role

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth

Is Prince Charles going to be king anytime soon? 

The Prince of Wales has already taken a massive step to prepare for a new, bigger role for next year, one report said. 

It has already been reported that his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is potentially stepping down from the role she held since 1952 in April 2021 as soon as she turns 95. 

Prince Charles, who's current age is 72, will become Prince Regent or the stand-in sovereign, since he is the first to line to the throne. 

In the event that there would be a change in the running of the monarchy, Her Majesty will continue to keep her title. 

But as the dad-of-two prepares for his massive role change, it has been reported that Prince Charles isn't renewing his lease for his organic Home Farm next year.

The future king has farmed at the 1,000-acre plot near his country home in Highgrove, Gloucestershire, for 35 years.

According to reports, he couldn't commit to another 20-year lease because he is expected to become king. 

A Clarence House spokesperson said, "The Prince of Wales will not be renewing his lease on Home Farm but will continue to farm organically at Sandringham." 

Prince Charles will keep Highgrove as his country retreat but will not have a home at Sandringham. 

Is the Queen Abdicating? 

Royal commentator Robert Jobson said that he thinks the 94-year-old will leave the throne once she becomes a year older. 

Newsweek royal reporter Jack Royston believes that the Duke of Cornwall would be taking the reign sooner. 

He said in an interview, "I think she won't want to, but realistically she will get to a point where she has handed over everything to Charles and then how do you look your son in the eye and tell him he is not going to be King?"

Signs that the Queen is also abdicating is because her husband, Prince Philip, has also announced his retirement at the age of 95. 

The Queen's 21st Birthday Pledge

But on her 21st birthday, Queen Elizabeth II pledged that she "shall be devoted" to the service of the Brits her "whole life." 

In November,Vanity Fair's Katie Nicholl has reportedly told her that Queen Elizabeth II "would never abdicate" because "it's simply not in her DNA to abandon her people or duty." 

According to her sources, the monarch views abdication "as a dirty word and never to be uttered in her presence," as she plans to "serve until her death." 

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