Bruce Willis received no celebrity treatment after going mask-less inside an L.A establishment. 

According to Page Six, an insider revealed that the "Die Hard" star was asked to leave the premise of Los Angeles Rite Aid after he refused to wear a mask. 

In addition, the source shared that the Primetime Emmy winner had a bandana tied around his neck, which can serve as a makeshift mask; however, he chose not to wear it and that made the people inside the store upset. 

As of the moment, COVID-19 in L.A is close to reaching 1 million, as cases are starting to surge, per the Los Angeles Times. 

To curb the growth of new cases, the government and health officials are reminding everyone to wear a mask and observe social distancing. 

As for the American drugstore chain, they previously released a statement requiring all customers to wear a mask upon entering the vicinity. 

Moreover, since May of last year, the company has required its personnels to wear face masks to "ensure the safety" of everyone. 

"As the pandemic continues to embattle the country, it's critical that healthcare companies lead by example and do all we can to ensure the health and safety of our associates and customers," Rite Aid COO Jim Peters mentioned, adding: "In order to best provide communities we serve with essential pharmacy services, we're asking customers to help protect themselves and those around them by wearing a face covering."

Twitter Reacts To Bruce Willis Going Mask-Less

The award-winning actor's mask-less moment sparked huge criticism on social media. 

"I am shocked that Bruce Willis is an idiot," one user wrote. 

second user echoed the same sentiment and tweeted, "If we demonized winona for shoplifting at saks we can die laughing at bruce willis for making a stink about wearing a mask at RITE AID."

Meanwhile, an individual blasted the "G.I. Joe" star and pointed out that he is a hypocrite for reminding everyone to follow healthy protocols and yet, he is the one breaking the rule. 

"Why do privileged pompous pretend heroes refuse to mask up? This times it's Bruce Willis, refusing to wear a mask in a *pharmacy* of all places! Doesn't he know you "Die Hard" when CoViD-19 takes away your ability to breath? Does he care if he's an asymptomatic superspreader?"

As for some fans, others made reference to Bruce Willis' movies as they mocked the actor for refusing to wear a mask. 

"Bruce Willis's next movie: Die Hard With a Ventilator," one posted.

During the onset of the health crisis, the actor and his ex-wife, Demi Moore, became the talk of the town after being quarantined together alongside their three daughters in Idaho.

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