More negative reports about Armie Hammer are coming to light amid his existing scandals. 

Us Weekly claims that the "Call Me By Your Name" actor was cited for traffic violations shortly after he and his wife Elizabeth Chambers have decided to go their separate ways. 

In court documents obtained by the outlet, the 34-year-old Hollywood star was stopped by police in Arizona after making an improper right turn and for not having a rear license plate on his car. 

Though his divorce made headlines in July 2020, Armie Hammer reportedly pleaded guilty to the offense in August 2020.

During that time, the "Social Network" star failed to pay the fines for the incident. By September 2020, he got his driver's license suspended. 

Three months later, Armie was forced to pay a $255 fee. 

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers announced that they were divorcing via Instagram in July 2020 after ten years of being married. 

They exchanged their I-Do's in May 2010 and shared two children, 6-year-old Harper and 4-year-old Ford. 

After news of their split, rumors have already made their rounds that Armie Hammer and his wife's marriage were on the rocks "for quite a while now." 

Leaked DMs and Substance Abuse

Armie Hammer made headlines for the alleged leaked DMs he sent to several women. 

In the messages, the actor talked about having sex slaves, BDSM and cannibalism. 

Though he debunked the claims calling all of it "b-----t," a few of his victims have already surfaced and admitted that Armie Hammer had that dark side to him. 

Now, Armie is holed up in the Cayman Islands to reunite with his two kids. 

Meanwhile, a leaked video from his private Instagram revealed his wildlife, showing off a woman in lingerie and "on all fours" on his hotel bed while bragging about drug use. 

In one of the clips, the "Rebecca" actor enjoyed his vape and wrote in the caption, "When you realize they don't test for DMT on drug tests." 

He has also written a caption that said, "All negative, b-----s. my body is a finely turned toxicant processing unit. To be fair, I had THC and benzos in my piss. But who doesn't."

Despite his messy divorce, the scandal, and his substance abuse, The Sun reported that Armie Hammer would not be entering rehab for his recent behavior. 

"Sadly, without a court order, I suspect he will not go to rehab to deal with his issues. He truly thinks he doesn't have a problem."

However, fans feel optimistic that the Hollywood hunk will soon check into rehab and try to get his life back on track. 

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