Meghan Markle Losing Case? 'Neutral' Former Aides Refuse to Help Her in Legal Battle

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is still in the middle of her legal battle against the Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Daily Mail after the British tabloid published her private letters she wrote to her dad in August 2018. 

Reuters reported earlier that four of her former senior aides are said to be willing to give evidence in court, shedding light if the Duchess of Sussex's handwritten letter was meant to become public. 

Four of the former aides' lawyer said that they are prepared to provide evidence during the trial, as more than one of them are in the position to tell what happened

This included the writing of the letter, whether the former "Suits" star has expected it to be public, and whether or not she was involved, indirectly or directly, in giving private information to the authors of the unofficial Sussex biography, "Finding Freedom." 

However, in the legal letter made public on Wednesday, royal aides are not "wishing to take sides in the dispute" as they are all "strictly neutral," as per BBC.

Meghan Markle's legal team is reportedly telling London's High Court that publishing the "intrinsically private, personal and sensitive letter" was a breach in the mom-of-one's privacy, even claiming that "it's a very straightforward case about the unlawful publication of a private letter."

Meanwhile, the Associated Newspapers argue that Prince Harry's wife intended for the contents of the letter to become public as part of a media strategy. 

They even pointed out that Meghan discussed the plan with her communications secretary, Jason Knauf. 

However, the publisher's lawyer said on Wednesday during a remote second day hearing that involving royal aides in creating the letter "cries out for investigation."

Antony White said, "Why was the Kensington Palace communications team involved at all in wording the letter?" 

Meghan Markle has asked for a summary judgment, asking a judge to rule in her favor without a need for a trial. 

However, Mark Warby, the judge for the case, said he would be delivering the ruling whether or not a summary judgment would suffice at a later date. 

The judge said he wants to get a draft verdict to both the Duchess of Sussex and the Associated Newspapers in the next two weeks, but at that stage, nobody would get their hands on them aside from all the parties involved. 

Meghan Markle's legal battle against the Associated Newspaper was due to start last week, but the 39-year-old requested to delay the trial because of "private reasons." This was also the time her legal team sought a summary judgment.  

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