'The Uncanny Counter' Review: Why Hit Netflix Series Is One of South Korea's Top Shows Ever

The Uncanny Counter Netflix review

"The Uncanny Counter" has unofficially become one of South Korea's best series ever.

In a world full of clichés and predictable plot lines, South Korea made sure to take the biggest leap among its competitors by creating an astounding series for all.

Despite the language barrier, the country immediately turned into the entertainment capital of the world.

From the home of Bong Joon-ho's Palme d'Or and Oscar recipient film, "Parasite," South Korea did it again with "The Uncanny Counter" on Netflix.

Released on November 28, 2020, "The Uncanny Counter" tells the story of a crippled high school boy named Mun.

After losing both his parents to a car accident, he grew up facing high school bullies--the usual setting in every school drama series.

But the only difference was that this Yoo Seon-dong-directed masterpiece offered a more satisfying story, making it one of the top series in Netflix ever.

This "The Uncanny Counter" review will explain why---and how--this webtoon-inspired series became successful enough that it broke years old records.

Why "The Uncanny Counter" Is Unique

Bullying. Social injustices. Abuse of power.

These three things have been perfectly depicted in every episode of the series. And just like other South Korean series and films, the hit Netflix series uniquely resolved these things.

But who would have thought that they can put these issues in a sci-fi series?

"The Uncanny Counter" uses metaphors to deliver the best message to its viewers.

For example, it has always been known that Mun becomes one of the Counters--a group of demon hunters who search and fight against evil spirits.

These evil spirits prey on humans, particularly on miscreants and offenders.

In the series, the evil spirits were categorized by levels, with three being the highest.

While "The Uncanny Counter" cast and characters can easily defeat a level one and two evil spirits, they would always meet danger once they "step" on a level three predator.

In Mun's case, he eventually met the evil spirit who killed his parents. Later on, the evil spirit fused with an antagonist and gained more power afterward.

After its last episode aired on January 24, the series became the highest-rated OCN series so far, proving that it is a must-see drama to begin the new year.

Hanging endings have always been an issue in most series and movies that leave their viewers in dismay.

But "The Uncanny Counter" has that kind of suspense that would make you want for more. It serves as a full-course meal that would make everyone crave for more even after feeling full.

Fortunately, its Season 2 has been confirmed and the viewers will feel satisfied once again.

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