For years, Disney has eyed Emma Stone as the new Cruella. This time, the actress quickly proved why the company made the right choice.

Long-time fans of "101 Dalmatians" are already familiar with the villain, Cruella de Vil. While its original live-action actress, Glenn Close, gave justice to the character in the 1996 live-action, Stone offered fans what Cruella would look like in her early years--definitely hotter and more villainous.

On Tuesday, Disney dropped a poster on the official Twitter account of "Cruella." The 32-year-old actress flaunted the villain's signature white and black hair, completing it with dark eye shadow and black lipstick.

The official Twitter account of the Walt Disney Company also shared the same material and wrote, "Hello, Cruel World. New Trailer Tomorrow."

Fans got the best sneak peek of the character in the new trailer the company released the following day.

Though Stone hinted in an interview with ET that her role as the younger version of Cruella would be wild and trippy, her actual look showed why she deserves the role.

Why Stone Is the Perfect Cruella

For years since her debut, the "La La Land" actress is well-known for being the ultimate style chameleon in Hollywood. Whether she lands on action, comedy or romantic film, her face shows off the vibe and character she needs.

In most Emma Stone movies, she wears makeup--whether a super soft or full-face--to give viewers the perfect character they want to see.

For instance, she also sported remarkable visuals for "Zombieland." Meanwhile, for "Cruella", she looks like a different person from the 1970s, letting her style do all the talking and scream that she is a psycho this time.

Aside from her features, her skills also make her the perfect actress to be the new Cruella.

Since her debut, Emma hasgarnered nearly a hundred nominations and won 31 out of those. Among her notable acknowledgments include three Academy Awards and four British Academy Film Awards nominations.

She also scored Best Actress awards numerous times from Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards, among others.

With that said, Disney clearly chose her since she got the beauty, attitude and skills to be the villain, and people would finally see that masterpiece once themovie arrives. The "Cruella" release date is slated on May28.

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