After Johnny Depp lost his roles on "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Fantastic Beasts" franchises, Amber Heard also faced the same fate.

This week, multiple news outlets revealed that Warner Bros. finally ousted the actress from "Aquaman" franchise.

In a report posted on Sausage Roll, it has been revealed that the 34-year-old actress failed to make it to the cut after violating a part of her contract.

"Amber Heard did not pass her physical examination. She's put on some pounds and is in terrible shape," a source told the site, per Yahoo! News. "There is a clause in her contract which says she is required to be in good form ahead of shooting and she violated that."

In addition, Heard's role as Mera requires actions and stunts. Thus, not being in a good shape reportedly caused the company to remove her from the franchise.

In her response, Heard blamed Johnny Depp and COVID-19 for her poor physical form. She reportedly reasoned out that the tremendous amount of stress and depression because of Depp and the disease deteriorated her health.

Since "Aquaman 2" will begin filming in June 2021, the actress might still do something about it.

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Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has not released an official statement about this yet. But for what it's worth, We Got This Covered disclosed months ago that Emilia Clarke of "Game of Thrones" is one of the potential stars to replace Heard.

Warner Bros. initially explored whether it would reduce her screen time or completely remove her from the franchise - and the latter seems to be the one happening.

Popcorned Planet's Andy Signore shared the same comment, confirming that Amber Heard has been fired from "Aquaman 2."

"From what I've heard through a source, though other people that are involved in the production is that it already happened," he wrote in his article.

Remove Amber Heard from 'Aquaman 2' Nears 2 Million Signature

Amid the new reports, the petition to remove her from the DC franchise continues to grow.

After the Depp-Heard legal battle came to life again, user Jeanne Larson address a petition to SVP of Publicity & Communications for DC Warner Bros., Courtney Simmons, and DC Entertainment's Corporate Communications boss Paul McGuire.

As of the writing, the call reaches 1.8 million - already half of its new 3 million goal.

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