Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva spoke up about Tiger Woods' accident once again and insisted that they never gave the golfer a special treatment.

On Wednesday, Villanueva sat for an interview with USA Today Sports to give an update on Woods and his potential violation of traffic law.

According to the officer, the investigation has been fair and square. But he also detailed that there are some "lessons learned" as the crash exploration nears its completion.

Villanueva highlighted - once again - that the golf legend did not have any obvious signs of impairment when they arrived at the scene.

Woods did not undergo tests nor had the chance to be evaluated by drug-recognition experts since Villanueva insisted at that time that it was not needed at all.

DREs were supposedly looked into the accident and tried to detect even the smallest, not obvious impairments in drivers. Since he prevented the experts from doing so, it raised theories that Villanueva is protecting Woods and giving him a different treatment.

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"I can tell you this: We do need more drug-recognition experts within the department. We need to hire more, but then again, that costs money. We need to train more. We're going to be training with the resources we have to increase our pool of available DRE experts," he told the news outlets.

Drug-recognition experts use their 12-step process to find out any impairment. If they think a driver is impaired prior, during, and after an accident, they can request an examination of the driver's blood to detect any traces of drugs and alcohol.

Tiger Woods' Car Crash - The Plotholes

In the past press releases, some details show inconsistencies which stirred questions even more.

Initially, Woods had been accused of being inattentive or unconscious - something that he already did numerous times in the past.

He also had no memory of driving the vehicle nor the time he already crashed his car.

Villanueva had something to say about it, as well, saying that Woods' health caused more concerns since an impairment was absent.

"Our concern shifts to the humanitarian, you know life-preservation, those kinds of things, and the accident becomes secondary," he said.

Still, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Johann Schoegl submitted an affidavit to acquire the black box in Woods' car.

Schoegl believes that the black box would help them how and why the accident occurred.

As of the writing, the result of the affidavit filing is yet to be finalized. But people are hoping to find the truth to prevent the past from happening again.

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