Tiger Woods' near-fatal car accident occurred less than a month ago, but the pro golfer is now actively seeking deals that might help him advance his career.

The 15-time major championship golfer reportedly inked a multi-million dollar contract to star in 2k's famous gaming series "PGA Tour 2k21."

"I'm looking forward to returning to the world of computer games," he said.

PGA Tour 2k has also announced it acquired HB Studios Multimedia, Ltd., the game developer.

Woods said he is excited about the offer because he has previously starred in golf video games.Woods will be the executive director and consultant for the golf video game.The deal will grant him rights for his name and will appear in the franchise.

The athlete had to relearn how to walk following the injury, which may require many rehabilitation sessions.

"In golf there is no bigger icon than tiger woods," 2K president David Ishmael said. He added that he and his staff are saddened by the accident last month.

Woods, on the other hand, has returned home and is recovering.

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