The Tiger Woods' car crash accident saga continues.

During his accident in Feb., his shinbones were smashed, some badly enough that pieces protruded from his skin at the scene of where his car crashed.

Doctors are mixed on whether he could even return to the PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods already has pre-existing spinal issues, and this major leg injury and its associated recovery could finally be the end of this incredible career.

Dr. Mehmet Oz believes that the decorated golfer could be "to some extent be athletic," but that's just about it.

He also told TMZ Sports that a full recovery is possible but "won't bet against Tiger Woods."

However, a sports medicine specialist believes that Woods might not be "out of the woods" just yet.

Dr. Brian Sutterer, who posts sports-medicine content on his YouTube channel, believes that Tiger Woods' injuries should help him focus more on returning to an "acceptable quality of life" and not even consider returning to PGA Tour golf.

Despite so much coverage of how doctors saved Woods' leg via emergency surgery, it seems like the powerful impact has triggered a couple more injuries.

As previously mentioned, his shinbone was severely smashed. Those fragments damaged muscle tissue and tendons, with the potential for injuries like a torn ACL, a usual career-ender for many athletes.

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But in Woods' case, muscle-sheathing tissue, also known as fascia, held his injuries in place. The rapid swelling in his muscle tissue has triggered doctors to perform emergency surgery to prevent any more pressure buildup.

Sutterer noted that cluster injuries usually tend to spiral out even more than what the initial treatment shows in many cases.

Cluster injuries are also known to have unexpected long recoveries, and there are also complications to be expected along the way.

However, Sutterer isn't saying that Tiger Woods is finally saying goodbye to golf anytime soon - but it's still a strong possibility.

New Update on Tiger Woods' Car Crash Investigation

TMZ reported that there is no evidence that Tiger Woods used the brakes during his car crash.

Their law enforcement sources revealed that the major champ didn't slow down and never took his foot off the accelerator when he crossed a median strip, then veered off the road and rolled his SUV.

The LASD has the data from his car's black box, but their spokesperson will not be releasing any more information.

Previously, Tiger Woods has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the crash, as the Sheriff deemed it was "purely an accident" and that there was no evidence of impairment by drugs or alcohol.

However, experts believe that he was either asleep or inattentive when he was driving.

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