Johnny Depp just fell from his own pit after he has been denied permission to appeal against the wife-beater ruling by the High Court.

On Thursday, Depp suffered from another embarrassment after the Court of Appeal refused his application to overturn the ruling.

The actor's lawyers tried to convince the court to consider the new evidence that would prove Amber Heard's false claims about the $7 million divorce settlement.

His barrister Andrew Caldecott QC said that Heard's statement was "a calculated and manipulative lie."

Unfortunately, the appeal seems to be no longer needed, and a judge said that his appeal had "no real prospect of success."

With that said, Depp also has to face another sad reality about his career.

Johnny Depp Expected to Suffer More in Hollywood

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor only had that one way to reclaim his glory and prove his innocence. Now that he lost it, he and his career will surely suffer more.

For what it's worth, his alleged misdeeds led him to be banned in Hollywood. Regardless of his fans' petitions, the companies he once worked with immediately cut ties from him and removed him from his award-winning projects.

Disney asked him to resign from his notable pirate role after losing his libel case against The Sun.

Aside from his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, Warner Bos. also permanently replaced him in the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise. After starring in two installments, Depp is officially no longer part of the spinoff, and Mads Mikkelsen will serve as his replacement.

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Even a cameo in either of the two films is out of the question already.

According to Cinema Blend, the Mouse House completely closed its doors for the 57-year-old actor. With that said, reprising his role or even simply appearing for a short screen time is no longer possible.

With the recent turn of events, it is more impossible for him to appeal even in reclaiming the roles he should be playing.

His schedule as an actor has also been empty for years now, as well, and it might continue for a longer time as the verdict is now final and irrevocable.

Meanwhile, British branding expert Jeetendr Sehdev told Mic that the next defamation trial against Heard will be Depp's "final nail" as it will not still be ruled in his favor.

While he is out and trying hard to look for more potential projects, his ex-wife continuously enjoys her Hollywood career - showing that Depp truly lost it all in the battle... for now.

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