Tiger Woods' car crash is making a lot of people question whether what happened to him last month was an accident or a suicide attempt.

Several YouTubers spoke about their thoughts on the matter, considering a couple of factors.

Tiger Woods May Be Disappointed with His Golfing Skills

According to Ceddy Nash, perhaps the decorated athlete was too tired of playing the game or maybe disappointed with himself for not playing his best games.

Tiger Woods is one of the best golf players in the world, and as he ages, it's only natural that some other golfer would eventually take his place.

In the comments, one person said, "I agree, he tried to commit suicide."

But they also mentioned two possibilities - that either Tiger Woods was high and falling asleep or that he tried to "off himself."

Tiger Woods Jealous of Mistress' New Love Life

No Cut Cardz explained on YouTube that there are reports and pieces of evidence that Tiger Woods didn't take his foot off the gas pedal and didn't hit the brake pedal.

He believes that if a person falls asleep, the body relaxes. But in Tiger Woods' case, his was still there.

Now he thinks Woods intentionally crashed his car because his former mistress Rachel Uchitel is seeing someone new. When the crash happened, Uchitel made headlines dominated a few weeks before.

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"Maybe Tiger Woods still has feeling for Rachel. Maybe he found out she moved on and started getting these suicidal thoughts."

Tiger Woods' Perfectionism Problem

The Cadillac Counselor on YouTube believes that Tiger Woods is suicidal, and it's not just his alcohol or DUI problem anymore.

"He's been to good too long," he said. The YouTuber also mentioned how Woods had numerous surgeries on his back, leg, and vice versa, and noticed how the golfer always seems to be just popping painkillers and knocking some drinks.

"He has been on a high pedestal way too long." Like we previously mentioned, Woods may not know how to be "second place" or how "not to be the best" that's why he has these tendencies.

He also believes that Woods is going through a depression, taking hold since it happened when his wife left him.

YouTube suggests that Woods has a perfectionism problem, the number one thing that causes drug addiction.

He also believes that fans have already lost Tiger Woods to drugs and alcohol despite not being dead yet.

Tiger Woods First Car Crash

This was Tiger Woods' second car crash because the first one was in 2009 at Thanksgiving night.

At the time, his then-wife Elin Nordegren suspected him of cheating, so he allegedly drank some Ambien at three in the morning as she went through his phone and found shady messages.

Elin also decided to call one of the mistresses and then woke Woods up, chased him with a golf club, and smashed his car, which resulted in him crashing a fire hydrant and a tree.

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