Disney had made a couple of shake-ups in its future movie release dates, and one of those movies includes "Death on the Nile."

However, this delay is the sixth time "Death on the Nile" has been delayed, now with a new release date of Feb. 2022.

Initially, the movie had been scheduled for a Dec. 2019 release date but was pushed back several times because of the pandemic, as well as underperformances by other Disney movies at the box office.

Now, it gives Disney a chance almost an entire year to figure out what to do about it and, of course, their lead cast, Armie Hammer, who has been in the middle of horrible accusations and claims from several women.

Because of those claims, Hammer has already lost a lot of projects, including his agent. However, he already filmed "Death on the Nile" long before his controversies came to light.

In a new report by Variety, Disney has no plans on recasting Hammer.

Studio executives are reportedly "not currently considering a reshoot or recasting his role" because the outlet's insiders said it would "cost tens of millions and would be nearly impossible to pull off given the packed schedules of the ensemble."

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Another insider reportedly told Variety suggesting that Disney's fundamental strategy is to be straight-forward about it and explain that there were so many people who worked on "Death on the Nile" and "we're not scrapping it because of one individual."

'Death on the Nile' Movie

"Death on the Nile" is the sequel to 2017's movie "Murder on the Orient Express."

It is set on a glamorous river cruise down the Nile and Detective Poirot's luxurious holiday becomes a murder investigation when one of the passengers on the boat dies.

'Death on the Nile' Cast

Armie Hammer will play Simon Doyle, "Wonder Woman" actress Gal Gadot is joining Linnel Ridgeway-Doyle. Kenneth Branagh will play the detective.

"Sex Education's" Emma Mackey will also be part of the film, including Letitia Wright, Tom Bateman, Rose Leslie, and Russell Brand.

What's Next for Armie Hammer After His Controversies?

Following the disturbing allegations, Variety also reported that Armie Hammer currently has a small role in Taika Waititi's "Next Goal Wins," which was filmed last year. The small part can be considered a "cameo."

There are also reports of a "Call Me By Your Name" sequel that director Luca Guadagnino keeps talking about; however, it has never been a sure thing.

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