Kylie Jenner invited fans into her vast closet to show off "What's In My Bag" - and her fans aren't pleased, thinking she isn't being completely honest. Rather, several people chastised Jenner for appearing to do a huge commercial for her own items.

The video posted in September 2020 on Youtube is an update of the first filming she did two years ago.

Kylie, 23, showed off the contents of an ultra-rare, limited edition Hermès Birkin bag, conceptualized by Hermès' former creative director Jean Paul Gaultier and released in 2010.

Kyile Jenner $24,000 Birkin Bag

Kylie revealed that her mother, Kris Jenner, insisted that Kylie needed the bag because it was a "great investment." Although Kylie didn't disclose the exact price she paid for the Birkin, a Christie's auction of the same bag brought in about $24,000.

Kylie stores things like a wallet, scrunchies, gum, and a phone charger in her version of the designer bag.

While going through her bag, Kylie mentioned a few things that were a little surprising, one of which was a package of apple sauce. Kylie has it on hand as a snack and a way to "bribe" her daughter Stormi when she wants her to do something, according to Kylie.

She also has a pink deck of Uno cards with her name on them, as well as a fluffy Jellycat peapod. The latter object, according to Kylie, is her "little friend" who makes her "happy."

Many fans were dissatisfied with Jenner's video, with some claiming that it featured too many Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics items.

She indeed market a number of items designed by her and other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, such as her perfume partnership with Kim Kardashian West's KKW.

She later took a set of SKIMS and Kylie Cosmetics face masks from the pack.

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So, what is it that Jenner can't seem to get enough of?

Here's a summary:

-a PR card for her hyaluronic acid serum

-Kylie skin antibacterial spray

-KKW perfume -her "favorite of all time" from her collaboration with KKW Fragrance,

-Kylie Skin scrunchies

-Kylie x Kendall Jenner hyaluronic acid

-Kylie cosmetics mask-

SKIMS by Kim

-Jenner x Kardashian tampons

- Kardashian sisterhood Collab sunglasses-

Kylie UNO cards-

Khloe K eye drops

-Dasani x Kardashian water bottle collab

-KKW Beauty nude pink M&Ms

- Strawberry Kylie Nesquick collab with Nestle

Kylie revealed in a recent video that she carries about 20 items in her bag, including powder, lipstick, and lip liners.

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So how do fans react?

In the comments section of the video, one viewer said: "So she basically down low advertising her products"

"Take a shot every time she pulls out a product of her own brand," another said.

"She doesn't have any normal items. She has KYLIE items," one commented.

"Alternative title: Kylie promoting her family and products for 8 minutes straight. ngl, I'm shocked that gum is actually a NoRmaL gum ! wow what a relief! lmao," one user sarcastically said.

"everyone: "shes advertising her products lol," another said.

Watch the video below: