Armie Hammer doesn't seem to have any ounce of a career left in Hollywood after women accused him of assault.

Though the scandal has sidelined the "Call Me By Your Name" actor, another one could be pushed to the limelight - his dad.

Michael Hammer is the main character in Netflix's new documentary "Made You Look: A True Story of Fake Art."

The documentary details his alleged role in one of the art industries and even the world's biggest scandals.

According to Page Six, Hollywood studios are reportedly looking into making the documentary into a feature film because of that bombshell scandal.

No other details were provided yet.

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'Made You Look: A Story of Fake Art'

The Netflix documentary is currently the talk of socialites, art insiders, and even collectors.

Michael Hammer owned the art gallery Knoedler. It closed in 2011 after being accused of selling $80 million worth of fake paintings. The duped works are said to be by the artists Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

According to the documentary, the works were created by a master forger and a math professor in his garage in Queens, NY.

The scandal rocked the entire art world and, five years later, the New York federal courtroom.

Despite the massive amount lost, Michael and his gallery was not criminally charged nor found liable.

The documentary also showed some of high society's most prominent figures allegedly scammed into purchasing fake artworks from his gallery.

This included former Gucci executive Domenico De Sole and even hedge fund manager Pierre Lagrange.

While the 65-year-old disgraced art collector doesn't participate in the documentary itself, he appeared in numerous archival pictures with his deep tan, tattoos, posing in front of luxury cars high-flying events.

The pictures that were featured made it look like he was an A-list actor.

"Made You Look" also follows a mysterious woman named Glafir Rosales, who sold numerous forged paintings to the gallery's then-director, Ann Freedman, since 1995.

The FBI finally uncovered the scam after the forged artworks were sold for millions of dollars to their clients.

When the scandal was publicized, most of the lawsuits against Knoedler were settled, but one that went to trial was purchased by the De Soles, who bought a Rothko painting for $8.3 million.

Michael Hammer reportedly became the head of the 165-year-old gallery through his family. He maintained his innocence in the documentary and up to this day.

Ann Freedman also denied any involvement in the duped artworks.

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