In the wake of the death of DMX last Friday after suffering heart attack, his family broke their silence about numerous things.

Just ahead of the rapper's funeral, whose real name is Earl Simmons, family provided a statement to Billboardto clear things, including the reported purchase of power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé of their son's master recordings.

According to rumors, the "Crazy in Love" hitmakers purchased the master recordings for a reported $10 million.

It was also rumored that the couple purchased it because they planned to return it to DMX's 17 children - however, he only has 15.

"There have been a few rumors following our loved one, Earl Simmons' passing that we'd like to clear up."

They continued, "No one has bought Earl's masters."

As per the family, his masters are still under the control of Def Jam, not owned outright by Jay-Z.

Swizz Beatz, an American record producer, also denied the claim on social media, saying, "Not true king."

The family has also warned the fans of several scammers raising cash, saying they are not strapped for cash and are not asking for the public to donate money for burial expenses.

TMZ reported that the family has contacted them to say that DMX's family are not raising money and want the public to know that any campaigns suggest the contrary are "completely bogus and not connected to the fam at all."

Another rumor that the family warned the public to look out for was the rumored selling of any DMX merch.

The outlet revealed that if the public are seeing DMX-related items hitting the market at the moment, his family didn't authorize it and that they are not profiting from it.

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DMX Death

DMX died last Friday after suffering a heart attack triggered by an unconfirmed drug overdose. He was 50 years old.

The "Ruff Ryder's Anthem" rapper had been on life support and was in a "vegetative state" as per his former manager Nakia Walker.

On Apr. 5, his family and friends organized a prayer vigil just outside of White Plains Hospital.

When news of DMX's death surfaced on Apr. 9, Yonkers Mayor Mike Sopana told TMZ that he's willing to offer Yonkers Raceway, the city's largest outdoor venue, to become a public hometown memorial.

TMZ reported that there will be a public and private service in the works and are being finalized this week.

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