April 24 2021 Tiktok Original Video: Influencer Warned Over Disturbing Trend


Trolls are spreading a dangerous trend on TikTok for April 24, 2021.

The internet has reportedly declared April 24, 2021 as a national day for sexual assault.

April 24th TikTok Original Video

It's not clear where it originated or who is responsible for starting the trend.

This recent trend has led a couple of TikTok users to warn fellow TikTokers about the movement that many would fear might be genuine and making them aware of the possible threat.

According to influencer @la.tania.ftn2 on the platform, "I literally just saw a video on TikTok and I had to make a video myself because most of my followers are women."

 @la.tania.ftn2PLEASE STAY SAFE LADIES AND BRING OUT THE TOYS!! () #fyp #parati #staysafe #april24 #foryou #pleaseshare #pleaserepost #spreadtheword #womensafety  ♬ Touch It - Clean - Busta Rhymes 

Videos even reportedly popped up providing tips on how to hurt women and children. She explained that she needed to make others aware that there are many disgusting men and disgusting human beings who "literally came up with a date to go around" and assault women and children.

She further told her followers to stay indoors because "they are literally making this date especially for that."

"Carry what you got to carry 'cause I think the f-k not." While others noted that this trend might be just a joke, some people are still urged to be wary of other people nonetheless.

If a person plans to go out on Apr. 24, carry some defensive weapons with you, such as pepper spray.

However, it is still advisable should stay indoors.

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Here's How To Report TikTok Videos Promoting The April 24 Event

Many encouraged their followers to report any video that would promote that "national day."

If anybody stumbles across a video that would promote violence or any violence, whether on April 24 or other days of the year, click the white arrow on the right side of the video.

Go to the icon that says "report," which also has a symbol of a flag.

Then choose the best reason why you're reporting the video from that list of choices.

Anyone who also sees more videos promoting this disturbing trend should also report the individual to the police.

 This isn't the first time a dangerous TikTok trend has taken over the platform.

On Apr. 14, a 12-year-boy reportedly died after performing a blackout choking challenge which he found on the social media site.

Whether these trends are jokes or not, these harmful trends have no space on social media.

If one person takes it seriously, it can damage people for the rest of their lives.

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