Bill and Melinda Gates have been a center of attention these past few days after the couple ended their 27-year marriage. The couple announced their decision by posting a joint statement on Twitter.

Supporters from all over the world are still devastated and haven't recovered from the shocking news, but QAnon conspiracy theorists are already on the run posting absurd theories on why the Gates have decided to divorce their marriage even though the couple expressed that their family needs "space and privacy" to navigate their new lives.

Absurd conspiracy theories about the divorce

Even though QAnon believers were banned from major social networking sites, alternative forums such as Twitch and Telegram became favorite platforms for the group to discuss.

Long before the divorce happened, conspiracy theories about Melinda Gates being a man has been a popular topic among QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Another theory claims that Mrs. Gates filed a divorce to be with Anthony Fauci- Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases- one of QAnon's favorite target. A circulating poster of Julia Roberts' "Pretty Woman" was edited with Gates and Fauci's face was also seen on Twitter.

A radio host and conspiracy theorist named Alex Jones also claims that the Gates are laundering money from their "tax-free foundation" as seen in a video uploaded on his channel.

"Bill Gates has bought off the U.S. and European media almost entirely. Remember back in the 1990s he was busted at Microsoft for antitrust practices and stealing other companies' software?... He was a known villain, but then he re-branded himself as the world's doctor." Jones stated in the video.

Another theory popular among QAnon believers is that the couple's divorce was a plot to protect the couple's billion-dollar fortune.

None of the claims mentioned above has substantial evidence and the Gates have not responded to these issues.

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What is QAnon?

QAnon started in October 2017 when an anonymous user uploaded numerous posts on the community message board 4Chan. The user claimed to have a level of approval from US Security called "Q clearance"

QAnon supporters firmly believe that former US President Donald Trump is in a secret war against Satan-worshipping elite pedophiles who lead a human-trafficking circle in various known fields all over America.

Thousands of QAnon believers had been invading websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit since 2017, the said social networking sites have already tightened their rules regarding QAnon and took down hundreds of posts as well as banning accounts linked to the conspiracy theorists.

When did QAnon start attacking Bill Gates?

Bill Gates has been a target of QAnon since last year, it all started when QAnon believers claimed that the Microsoft Corp. CEO lead the formulation of COVID-19 vaccines to implant microchips into people.

Today, these conspiracy theorists continue to spread malicious information about the billionaire especially when the divorce news came out.

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