T.I. and wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris are now under investigation following the accusations against them.

The Los Angeles Police Department has officially opened an investigation looking into the couple, The Daily Beast reported. This came after dozens of women, including an airforce military veteran, came forward with their accusations over the past few months. A representative had confirmed to CBS News that the investigation is ongoing.

The timeline of accusations

According to The Cut, at least 30 women, 17 of which had already pressed charges in March, had accused the couple of sexual assault, harassment, drugging, and abuse.

It all started in January when a woman named Sabrina Peterson, a former close friend of Tiny, took to Instagram to vent her accusations against the couple. She alleges that the rapper had threatened her by "putting a gun to her head" in the past.

Peterson had also posted screenshots on her Instagram stories of direct messages from other women who claims that the couple had also harassed them.

On March 1st, 11 other alleged victims came forward with their accusations, Attorney Tyrone Blackburn, the lawyer who represents the women, held a conference and detailed the women's experiences with the couple.

One anonymous woman claims that the couple had invited her to go to the bathroom to "freshen up" where Tiny then proceeded to remove her clothing, she was then touched unwantedly by the couple.

Another woman named Rachelle Jenks claims that the couple allegedly drugged and raped her in 2010, she was also forced to have sex with other women in a lot of different occassions as well as cities in the US.

Following the March 1 confrence, an article reported by Daily Beast states that six more victims are coming forward to file a case against the couple. One anonymous woman claims that she was a minor when she first encountered the T.I and Tiny, she alleges that the rapper's wife had given her a drink then she passed out, she woke up the next day naked in bed with a "bleeding vagina and a painful anus."

Another alleged victim is a military veteran, who's identity wants to remain anonymous. The woman claims that she was drugged by the couple after she had met them in a club, she was later taken into a hotel room where she claimed the couple had engaged in sex with her while she vomits.

"The next thing she remembers was waking up on the couch, with a towel thrown over her, with a very sore vagina" a statement from a friend of the military veteran which was reported by The New York Times 

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Ongoing investigation by LAPD

According to The Daily Beast, the LAPD had already began investigating the allegations against the couple.

The couple's attorney, Steve Sadow, commented on the investigation, "Even assuming the story in The Daily Beast is close to accurate, it appears the LAPD 'accuser' has chosen once again to remain anonymous, thereby preventing us from being in a position to disprove or refute her allegations - or even examine them," the lawyer stated.

Sadow had also mentioned that their camp didn't have any knowledge about the accuser from Las Vegas (Rachelle Jenks) "Meanwhile, although we now appear for the first time to have the name of an "accuser" who supposedly filed a police report with LVPD, we have absolutely zero details about her or her claim."


Blackburn, the women's representative, had also expressed his feelings about the ongoing investigation "We are pleased with the latest development from the LAPD. They showed great concern and are moving forward with an investigation into the allegations of abuse, rape, and drugging by Clifford 'T.I.' Harris and Tameka 'Tiny' Harris," he said

He had also refused to reveal the victims' identity as per counsel's request.

"In response to their counsel's request that these women come out publicly, the protection and safety of these women are my biggest priority. Ending violence against women, especially women, who have suffered in silence for years is my biggest priority. Their identities are known to law enforcement, and that's what matters." Blackburn concluded

 The couple had since denied all the allegations against them.

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