WWE Pro Wrestler Buff Bagwell now faces massive headaches due to his accumulated charges and arrests.

Over the weekend, the Cobb County Police Department arrested Bagwell at the intersection of Bells Ferry Road and Santa Fe Trailer. According to an update obtained by Wrestling Inc., Bagwell struck a driver's 2006 Acura from behind while driving his 2007 Saab.

Meanwhile, PWInsider detailed that the professional wrestler left the scene immediately as nothing happened. The victim of the crash followed him for another two miles until Bagwell stopped.

When authorities arrived at the scene, the 51-year-old wrestler said that he had battery issues which caused him to continuously drive.

In the end, he was put behind bars before bonded out at 9:15 p.m on the same day. Bagwell faced a $4,000 bond for five of the charges. He also cashed out a $10,000 bond for the other misdemeanor charges.

Bagwell faced more troubles as he needed to pay another bond of $4,620.00 and $11,220.00 to A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds company.

Details on Buff Bagwell's Arrest

Soon after his arrest, authorities found out that he still had an unresolved warrant, adding more hassle to his part.

For the most recent incident, he received charges for License To Be Carried & Exhibited On-Demand (misdemeanor), Giving False Name or Address or Birth Date to Law Enforcement Officer (misdemeanor), Following Too Closely (misdemeanor), Duty of Driver to Stop at or Return to Scene of Accident (misdemeanor), Open Container Violation (misdemeanor), and Hit & Run.

Meanwhile, he will also face more charges related to the August 2020 crash. He will appear before the court on July 22 for the 2020 incident and on July 23 for the recent charges he received.

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Among the charges he might face from the August 2020 crash include Failure to Yield When Entering Intersection (misdemeanor), Driving on the Wrong Side of the Roadway (misdemeanor), Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (misdemeanor), Speeding (misdemeanor), and Hit & Run - Duty of Driver to Stop at or Return to Scene of Accident (three charges, misdemeanors), among others.

During the 2020 accident, Bagwell reportedly took a prescription medication that led him to the crash. He suffered from multiple bodily injury including a broken right hip, broken nose, torn right groin muscle, and broken ribs.

Bagwell nor his representatives has released official statement yet.

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