After the successful reunion, avid fans want to find out the net worth of the most famous Friend group- starting with Chandler Bing.

According to this article by Style Caster, the actor started off earning a salary of $22,500 per episode on the first season of Friends. The amount was an equally divided portion of the shared paycheck between Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, and Lisa Kudrow.

The total paycheck given was calculated to be around $540,000 by the end of season one per member. As season two came to an end, the six co-stars opened a discussion with the producers and collectively negotiated for a higher salary starting next season.

From the agreed-upon $75,000 per episode during the third season, Perry and the others continued to bargain for a salary raise until each of them earns a million-dollar every episode during the final two seasons of the sitcom.

Each Friend's main cast member earned an estimate of $90 million from the consecutive 10 seasons.

Salary: Your Netflix 'Friends' Marathon Pays Matthew Perry $20 Million 

It's not a secret why the Friends castmates live a comfortable life even without consistent cast bookings.

In 2015, USA Today released a report that the actor earns a 2% cut from the syndication deals made by Warner Bros. These deals can amount to 1 billion dollars and results in a passive income of approximately $20,000,000 per year.

The aforementioned amount does not include the millions of dollars that each castmate has earned from other networks purchasing the rights to show these re-runs.

Lad Bible wrote that in 2018, Perry and his castmates earned almost 2 million dollars each after Netflix, the widely known video streaming service, secured and paid for the rights to stream the show for their subscribers.

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"Friends: The Reunion" Increases Matthew Perry's Net Worth in 2021

After re-acquiring the streaming rights to Friends, Warner Media finally had the opportunity to produce and broadcast the highly-anticipated and long-awaited reunion that Friends fans have been demanding forever.

The special episode is available on HBO Max and is rumored to have paid the co-stars a hefty amount for their appearance on the show. The rough estimate of their individual paychecks can fall between $2.5 million to $3 million.

This rounds up Matthew Perry's net worth to a whopping 120 million dollars in estimates. Wow Matthew, could you be any richer?

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